iOS Animations by Tutorials: iOS 12 and Swift 4.2, 5th Edition

iOS Animations by Tutorials: iOS 12 and Swift 4.2 edition
By 作者: raywenderlich Tutorial Team - Marin Todorov
ISBN-10 书号: 1942878702
ISBN-13 书号: 9781942878704
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-01-31
pages 页数: (434 )
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Make Delightful Animations with Swift!
There’s no denying it: creating animations is one of the most enjoyable parts of iOS development.
Animations are fun to create, they breathe life into your user interface, and they make your app a delight to use.
In this book, you’ll learn about iOS animation in Swift from beginning to advanced through a series of hands-on tutorials and challenges, that make your app look and feel great.
This book is for intermediate to advanced developers, who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development and want to dive deep into animations.
Topics Covered in iOS Animations by Tutorials:

View Animations: Start with the basics by learning how to animate views: size, position, color, and more.
Springs: Make your animations bounce with realistic spring behavior.
Transitions: Add subtle transitions when you add or remove subviews.
Keyframe Animations: Learn how to make complex animations with precise multi-stage timing.
Animation and Auto Layout: Learn how to animate with Auto Layout by animating constraints.
Layer Animations: Dive deeper and use layer animation for more advanced techniques.
Shapes and Masks: Learn how to use shapes and layer masks for cool effects.
Gradient Animations: Make moving gradients like the “slide to unlock” screen.
Stroke and Path Animations: Animate lines moving over time along a path.
3D Animations: Rotate, translate, and scale your layers over time in three dimensions.
And much more, including: Particle emitters, frame animations, third party animation libraries, and more!

Section l:View Animations
Chapter 1:Getting Started with View Animations
Chapter 2:Springs
Chapter 3:Transitions
Chapter 4:View Animations in Practice
Chapter 5:Keyframe Animations
Section ll:Auto Layout
Chapter 6:Introduction to Auto Layout
Chapter 7:Animating Constraints
Section ll:Layer Animations
Chapter 8:Getting Started with Layer Animations
Chapter 9:Animation Keys & Delegates
Chapter 10:Groups &Advanced Timing
Chapter 11:Layer Springs
Chapter 12:Layer Keyframe Animations & Struct Properties
Chapter 13:Shapes & Masks
Chapter 14:Gradient Animations
Chapter 15:Stroke and Path Animations
Chapter 16:Replicating Animations
Section IV:View Controller Transition Animations
Chapter 17:Presentation Controller & Orientation Animations
Chapter 18:UINavigationController Custom Transition Animations
Chapter 19:Interactive UINavigationController Transitions
Section V:Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator
Chapter 20:Getting Started with UIViewPropertyAnimator
Chapter 21:Intermediate Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator
Chapter 22:Interactive Animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator
Chapter 23:UIViewPropertyAnimator View Controller Transitions
Section VI:3D Animations
Chapter 24:Simple 3D Animations
Chapter 25:Intermediate 3D Animations
Section Vl:Further Types of Animations
Chapter 26:Particle Emitters
Chapter 27:Frame Animations with UlmageView
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iOS Animations by Tutorials iOS 12 and Swift 4.2, 5th Edition

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