iOS 10 by Tutorials:Learning the new iOS APIs with Swift 3

iOS 10 by Tutorials:Learning the new iOS APIs with Swift 3
by Team, Sam Davies, Jeff Rames, Rich Turton
pages 页数:324 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Razeware LLC (14 Dec. 2016)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1942878311
ISBN-13 书号:9781942878315
Learn the New iOS 10 APIs!
iOS 10 introduces lots of great APIs and other changes, from exciting developments in Message Apps, to the long-awaited SiriKit, to improvements in Memory Debugging. There’s also new Source Editor extensions, additional Measurement and Unit types, and Photography updates for taking and editing Live Photos. Reading and understanding all the official Apple documentation on these changes can be time-consuming — and confusing.
This is where iOS 10 by Tutorials comes to the rescue! In this book, you’ll learn the new iOS 10 APIs the quick and easy way:by following fun and easy-to-read tutorials.
Who This Book Is For
This book is for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development but want to learn the new APIs introduced in iOS 10.
Topics Covered in iOS 10 by Tutorials
Swift 3:Learn about the new, cleaner, Swift 3 syntax, how The Grand Renaming affects your projects, and much more.
Debugging Improvements:Dive into debugging with new tools to analyze memory issues as well as threading problems and race conditions.
Source Editor Extensions:Extend the usefulness of Xcode’s editor through custom extensions.
Fun with Messaging:Create your own custom sticker packs and multiplayer games to use in Messages.
Interact with Siri:Leverage SiriKit and the new Speech Recognition API to enable voice interactions in your apps.
Core Data Updates:Learn how Core Data improvements make your code just a little easier to write.
Photography Updates:Discover how to take Live Photos right from your app and apply creative filters.
Search Integration Use Location data, Spotlight search continuation and location-based suggestions in your apps.
And much more, including cell prefetching, 3D Touch, and haptic feedback!
One thing you can count on:after reading this book, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of all the improvements iOS 10 has to offer!
了解新的iOS 10 API!
iOS 10引入了许多伟大的API和其他更改,从令人兴奋的消息应用程序开发,到期待已久的SiriKit,改进内存调试。还有新的源代码编辑器扩展,附加的测量和单位类型,以及摄影和修改实时照片的摄影更新。阅读和了解所有关于这些更改的官方Apple文档可能很耗时,而且令人困惑。
这是iOS 10由教程来拯救的地方!在本书中,您将学习新的iOS 10 API,这是一种快速简单的方法:通过以下有趣且易于阅读的教程。
这本书适用于已经熟悉iOS和Swift开发基础知识的中级iOS开发人员,但希望了解iOS 10中引入的新API。
教程涵盖iOS 10中的主题
Swift 3:了解新的,更清洁的Swift 3语法,重新命名如何影响您的项目等等。
与Siri进行交互:利用SiriKit和新的Speech Recognition API,在您的应用程序中启用语音交互。
核心数据更新:了解Core Data改进如何使您的代码更容易编写。
有一件事您可以指望:阅读本书后,您将准备好利用iOS 10提供的所有改进功能!



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