Introduction to Nature-Inspired Optimization

Introduction to Nature-Inspired Optimization
by:George Lindfield and John Penny
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Academic Press; 1st edition (August 26,2017)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:256 pages
ISBN-10 书号:0128036362
ISBN-13 书号:9780128036365

Book Description
Introduction to Nature-Inspired Optimization brings together many of the innovative mathematical methods for non-linear optimization that have their origins in the way various species behave in order to optimize their chances of survival. The book describes each method,examines their strengths and weaknesses,and where appropriate,provides the MATLAB code to give practical insight into the detailed structure of these methods and how they work.

Nature-inspired algorithms emulate processes that are found in the natural world,spurring interest for optimization. Lindfield/Penny provide concise coverage to all the major algorithms,including genetic algorithms,artificial bee colony algorithms,ant colony optimization and the cuckoo search algorithm,among others. This book provides a quick reference to practicing engineers,researchers and graduate students who work in the field of optimization.

Table of Contents
About the Authors
Chapter 1:An Introduction to Optimization
Chapter 2:Evolutionary Algorithns
Chapter 3:Particle Swarm Optimization Al gorithms
Chapter 4:The Cuckoo Search Algorithn
Chapter 5:The Firefly Algorithm
Chapter 6:Bacterial Foraging Inspired Al gorithm
Chapter 7:Artificial Bee and Ant Colony Optimization
Chapter 8:Physics Inspired Optimization Algorithns
Chapter 9:Integer,Constrained and Multi-Objective Optimization
Chapter 10:Recent Developments and Comparative Studies
Appendix A:Test Functions
Appendix B:Program Listings
Solutions to Problems

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