Interpreting LISP:Programming and Data Structures

Interpreting LISP:Programming and Data Structures
by:Gary D. Knott
ISBN-10 书号:1484227069
ISBN-13 书号:9781484227060
Edition 版次:2nd ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2017-07-22
pages 页数:150

Book Description

Learn Lisp programming in a data structures context, including tables, functions, forms, expressions, typed-pointers, I/O, garbage collection and some applications. This short primer contains a careful description of the data structures manipulated by Lisp functions. These data structures and others, notably hash tables, are also used in constructing a Lisp interpreter.
Interpreting Lisp will be of special interest to those learning and using programming languages and computer architecture as well as data structures. This book will be useful to autodidacts, professional programmers, and computer enthusiasts in a wide variety of fields.
What You’ll Learn
Use the atom table and the number table in Lisp
Master expressions, typed pointers, arguments and results in typed pointers, and more
Write lambda expressions in Lisp
Bind actual values to formal arguments
Develop games in Lisp
Who This Book Is For
Experienced programmers new to Lisp.
Chapter 1:LISP
Chapter 2:The Atom Table and the Number Table
Chapter 3:Evaluation
Chapter 4:Some Functions and Special Forms
Chapter 5:S-Expressions
Chapter 6:Typed-Pointers
Chapter 7:Pictorial Notation
Chapter 8:More Functions
Chapter 9:Arguments and Results Are Typed-Pointers
Chapter 10:List Notation
Chapter 11:More Special Forms
Chapter 12:Defining Functions:λ-Expressions
Chapter 13:More Functions
Chapter 14:Defining Special Forms
Chapter 15:The Label Special Form
Chapter 16:The Quote Macro
Chapter 17:More Functions
Chapter 18:More About Typed-Pointers
Chapter 19:Binding Actual Values to Formal Arguments
Chapter 20:Minimal LISP
Chapter 21:More Functions
Chapter 22:Input and Output
Chapter 23:Property Lists
Chapter 24:What Is LISP Good for?
Chapter 25:Symbolic Differentiation
Chapter 26:Game Playing
Chapter 27:The LISP Interpreter Program
Chapter 28:Garbage Collection
Chapter 29:The lispinit File, the linuxenv.h File, and the Makefile File

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