International Proceedings on Advances in Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems and Applications: ASISA 2016

International Proceedings on Advances in Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems and Applications: ASISA 2016 Front Cover
International Proceedings on Advances in Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems and Applications: ASISA 2016
Pages 页数: 446 pages
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2018
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Springer
Publication Date 出版日期: 2018-01-26
ISBN-10 书号:9811052719
ISBN-13 书号:9789811052712

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The book focuses on the state-of-the-art technologies pertaining to advances in soft computing, intelligent system and applications. The Proceedings of ASISA 2016 presents novel and original work in soft computing, intelligent system and applications by the experts and budding researchers. These are the cutting edge technologies that have immense application in various fields. The papers discuss many real world complex problems that cannot be easily handled with traditional mathematical methods. The exact solution of the problems at hand can be achieved with soft computing techniques. Soft computing represents a collection of computational techniques inheriting inspiration from evolutionary algorithms, nature inspired algorithms, bio-inspired algorithms, neural networks and fuzzy logic.


Chapter 1 Dynamic Stability Margin Evaluation Of Multi-Machine Power Systems Using Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 2 Short-Term Estimation Of Transmission Reliability Margin Using Artificial Neural Networks
Chapter 3 How Expert Is Expert For Fuzzy Logic-Based System!
Chapter 4 Modeling The Resistance Spot Welding Of Galvanized Steel Sheets Using Neuro-Fuzzy Method
Chapter 5 Algorithms For Iterative Applications In Mapreduce Framework
Chapter 6 Discovering Frequent Itemsets Over Event Logs Using Eclat Algorithm
Chapter 7 Crsa-Enriched Mining Model For Efficient Service Innovation Discovery And Redesign In Bi Applications
Chapter 8 Market Production Assessment Using Optimized Mapreduce Programming
Chapter 9 Ultra-Wideband Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna For Cognitive Radio
Chapter 10 A Robust Framework For The Recognition Of Human Action And Activity Using Spatial Distribution Gradients And Gabor Wavelet
Chapter 11 Design Of A Cloud-Based Framework (Saas) For Providing Updates On Agricultural Products
Chapter 12 A Novel Approach For Pomegranate Image Preprocessing Using Wavelet Denoising
Chapter 13 Analysis And Exploitation Of Twitter Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
Chapter 14 Real-Time Prototype Of Driver Assistance System For Indian Road Signs
Chapter 15 Application Of Multivariate Statistical Techniques To Predict Process Quality
Chapter 16 An Image Enhancement Technique For Poor Illumination Face Images
Chapter 17 Fpga Implementation Of Anti-Theft Intelligent Traffic Management System
Chapter 18 Gradation Of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Knn Classifier By Morphological Segmentation Of Retinal Vessels
Chapter 19 Design Of F-Shape Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna For C- And X-Band Applications
Chapter 20 Face Image Detection Methods: A Survey
Chapter 21 Recommendation Engine To Improvise Curriculum Of Obe By Using Comparative Analysis Of Institutional Curriculum With Industrial Requirements
Chapter 22 A Survey Of Optimization Of Rate-Distortion Techniques
Chapter 23 A New Fibonacci Backoff Method For Congestion Control In Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 24 Wireless Biometric Attendance Management System Using Raspberry Pi In Iaas Environment
Chapter 25 Ionospheric Time Delay Estimation Algorithm For Gps Applications
Chapter 26 A Modified Variance Kalman Filter For Gps Applications
Chapter 27 Genetic Algorithm Designed For Solving Linear Or Nonlinear Mixed-Integer Constrained Optimization Problems
Chapter 28 Smart Healthcare Management Framework
Chapter 29 Hybrid Nature-Inspired Algorithms: Methodologies, Architecture, And Reviews
Chapter 30 Hybrid Computational Intelligent Attribute Reduction System, Based On Fuzzy Entropy And Ant Colony Optimization
Chapter 31 Design And Development Of Asl Recognition By Kinect Using Bag Of Features
Chapter 32 Biometric Authentication Of A Person Using Mouse Gesture Dynamics: An Innovative Approach
Chapter 33 Review Of Neural Network Techniques In The Verge Of Image Processing
Chapter 34 Ensemble Methods For Improving Classifier Performance
Chapter 35 Analysis On Big Data Techniques
Chapter 36 An Effective Speech Emotion Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
Chapter 37 A New Pre-Distorter For Linearizing Power Amplifiers Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 38 Design And Implementation Of Ecc-Based Rfid Tag For Wireless Communications On Fpgas
Chapter 39 Handling Imbalanced Data: A Survey

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