Hands-On Functional Programming with TypeScript

Hands-On Functional Programming with TypeScript: Explore functional and reactive programming to create robust and testable TypeScript applications
Authors: Remo H. Jansen
ISBN-10 书号: 1788831438
ISBN-13 书号: 9781788831437
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-01-30
pages 页数: 210 pages

Book Description
Functional programming is a powerful programming paradigm that can help you to write better code. However,learning functional programming can be complicated,and the existing literature is often too complex for beginners. This book is an approachable introduction to functional programming and reactive programming with TypeScript for readers without previous experience in functional programming with JavaScript,TypeScript ,or any other programming language.
The book will help you understand the pros,cons,and core principles of functional programming in TypeScript. It will explain higher order functions,referential transparency,functional composition,and monads with the help of effective code examples. Using TypeScript as a functional programming language,you’ll also be able to brush up on your knowledge of applying functional programming techniques,including currying,laziness,and immutability,to real-world scenarios.
By the end of this book,you will be confident when it comes to using core functional and reactive programming techniques to help you build effective applications with TypeScript.
Title Page
Copyright and Credits
About Packt
Functional Programming Fundamentals
Mastering Functions
Mastering Asynchronous Programming
The Runtime &: #×2013: The Event Loop and the this Operator
The Runtime &#×26: #×2013: Closures and Prototypes
Functional Programming Techniques
Category Theory
Immutability,Optics,and Laziness
Functional-Reactive Programming
Real-World Functional Proramming
Functional Programming Learning Road Map
Directory of TypeScript Functional Progr amming Libraries
0ther Books You May Enjoy
What You Will Learn
Understand the pros and cons of functional programming
Delve into the principles,patterns,and best practices of functional and reactive programming
Use lazy evaluation to improve the performance of applications
Explore functional optics with Ramda
Gain insights into category theory functional data structures such as Functors and Monads
Use functions as values,so that they can be passed as arguments to other functions
Remo H. Jansen
Remo H. Jansen lives in Dublin,Ireland,where he works as the managing director of Wolk Software Limited and as a part-time lecturer at CCT College Dublin. Remo is a Microsoft MVP and an active member of the TypeScript community. He is the author of Learning TypeScript 2.x,organizes the Dublin TypeScript and Dublin OSS meetups,writes a blog,and maintains some open source projects on GitHub. Remo is available for conference talks,independent consulting,and corporate training services opportunities.

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