Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications

Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications
ISBN-10 书号: 1466569719
ISBN-13 书号: 9781466569713
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2015-01-13
Pages 页数: 448

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The Most Complete and Up-to-Date Account of Advanced Sensor Networking Technologies
Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications provides a complete professional reference and practitioner’s guide to today’s advanced sensor networking technologies. The handbook focuses on both established and recent sensor networking theory, technology, and practice. Specialists at the forefront of the field address immediate and long-term challenges in their respective areas of expertise and explore practical solutions to a wide range of sensor networking issues.
This comprehensive handbook is suitable for a range of readers, including researchers and practitioners, upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, sensor networking technologists and engineers, and security, law enforcement, and governmental agencies. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of the hardware of sensor networks, wireless communication protocols, sensor networks software and architectures, wireless information networks, data manipulation, signal processing, localization, and object tracking through sensor networks.
Chapter 1: Sensor Networking Internet of Things
Chapter 2: Sensor Network Platform and Operating
Chapter 3: Mobile Crowd Sensing
Chapter 4: In-Network Processing in Wireless Sensor
Chapter 5: Wireless Sensor Hierarchical Networks
Chapter 6: Efficient Distributed Bayesian Estimation in
Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 7: Constructing Load-Balanced Data
Aggregation Trees in Probabilistic Wireless Sensor
Chapter 8: Biometric Sensors and How They Work
Chapter 9: Radio Frequency ldentification Device
Readers and Tags
Chapter 10: Multimedia/Audio Sensor Networking
Signal Processing
Chapter 11: Data Mining in Sensor Networks
Chapter 12: Wireless Sensor Network Security.:
PHY-Layer Security
Chapter 13: Impact of Correlated Failures on Wireless
Sensor Network Reliability
Chapter 14: Acoustic Sensors and Algorithms for
Urban Security
Chapter 15: Smart Buildings and Smart Cities
Chapter 16: Imaging Technology
Chapter 17: Reconfigurable MIMO FMCW Imaging
Technique and Applications in Acoustical and
Microwave Imaging
Chapter 18: Recent Advances in EO/IR Imaging
Detector and Sensor Applications
Chapter 19: Vehicular Sensor Networks
Chapter 20: Acoustic Sensing System for Underwater
Geolocation and Navigation
Chapter 21: Load-Balanced Virtual Backbones in
Wireless Sensor Networks
Appendix A: List of Sensor Networking Standards,
Organizations, and Protocols
Appendix B: Glossary
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