Handbook of Memristor Networks

Handbook of Memristor Networks
By 作者: Leon Chua
ISBN-10 书号: 3319763741
ISBN-13 书号: 9783319763743
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2019
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-11-13
pages 页数: (1368 )
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This Handbook presents all aspects of memristor networks in an easy to read and tutorial style. Including many colour illustrations, it covers the foundations of memristor theory and applications, the technology of memristive devices, revised models of the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations and ion channels, neuromorphic architectures, and analyses of the dynamic behaviour of memristive networks. It also shows how to realise computing devices, non-von Neumann architectures and provides future building blocks for deep learning hardware.
With contributions from leaders in computer science, mathematics, electronics, physics, material science and engineering, the book offers an indispensable source of information and an inspiring reference text for future generations of computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, material scientists and engineers working in this dynamic field.
The Fourth Element
If It's Pinched It's a Memristor
Everything You Wish to Know About Memristors but Are Afraid to Ask
Aftermath of Finding the Memristor
Three Fingerprints of Memristor
Resistance Switching Memories are Memristors
The Detectors Used in the First Radios were Memristors
Why are Memristor and Memistor Different Devices?
The Art and Science of Constructing a Memristor Model: Updated
Memristor, Hodgkin-Huxdey, and Edge of Chaos
Brains Are Made of Memristors
Synapse as a Memristor
Memristors and Memristive Devices for Neuromorphic Computing
Self-organization and Emergence of Dynamical Structures in Neuromorphic Atomic Switch Networks
Spike-Timing-Dependent-Plasticity with Memristors
Designing Neuromorphic Computing Systems with Memristor Devices
Brain-Inspired Memristive Neural Networks for Unsupervised Learning
Neuromorphic Devices and Networks Based on Memristors with lonic Dynamics
Associative Enhancement and Its Application in Memristor Based Neuromorphic Devices
Organic Memristive Devices and Neuromorphic Circuits
Bio-inspired Neural Networks
Memristor Bridge-Based Artificial Neural Weighting Circuit
Cellular Nonlinear Networks with Memristor Synapses
Evolving Memristive Neural Networks
Spiking Neural Computing in Memristive Neuromorphic Platforms
Associative Networks and Perceptron Based on Memristors: Fundamentals and Algorithmic Implementation
Spiking in Memristor Networks
Three-Dimensional Crossbar Arrays of Self-rectifying Si/SiO2/Si Memristors
The Self-directed Channel Memristor. Operational Dependence on the Metal-Chalcogenide Layer
Resistive Switching Devices: Mechanism, Performance and Integration
Behavior of Multiple Memristor Circuits
A Memristor-Based Chaotic System with Boundary Conditions
Switching Synchronization and Metastable States in 1D Memristive Networks
Modeling Memristor-Based Circuit Networks on Crossbar Architectures
Memristive In Situ Computing
Memory Effects in Multi-terminal Solid State Devices and Their Applications
A Taxonomy and Evaluation Framework for Memristive Logic
Memristive Stateful Logic
Memristor-Based Addition and Multiplication
Memristor Emulators
Computing Shortest Paths in 2D and 3D Memristive Networks
Computing lmage and Motion with 3-D Memristive Grids
Solid-State Memcapacitors and Their Applications
Reaction-Diffusion Media with Excitable Oregonators Coupled by Memristors
Mimicking Physarum Space Exploration with Networks of Memristive Oscillators
Autowaves in a Lattice of Memristor-Based Cells
Memristor Cellular Automata and Memristor Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks

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