Foundations of Computer Science, 4th Edition

Foundations of Computer Science
By 作者: Behrouz Forouzan
ISBN-10 书号: 1473751047
ISBN-13 书号: 9781473751040
Edition 版本: 4th edition
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-12-15
Format: 706
Based on the Association for Computing Imagery model curriculum guidelines, Foundations of Computer Science gives students a bird’s eye view of Computer Science. This easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate text covers all the fundamentals of computer science required for first year undergraduates embarking on a computing degree. Updated to cover the latest technologies and changes to course requirements, this fourth edition features new chapters, including new coverage on social media and ethical issues.


Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2:Number Systems
Chapter 3:Data Storage
Chapter 4:Operations on Data
Chapter 5:Computer Organization
Chapter 6:Computer Networks and Internet
Chapter 7:Operating Systems
Chapter 8:Algorithms
Chapter 9:Programming Languages
Chapter 10:Software Engineering
Chapter 11:Data Structure
Chapter 12:Abstract Data Types
Chapter 13:File Structure
Chapter 14:Databases
Chapter 15:Data Compression
Chapter 16:Security
Chapter 17:Theory of Computation
Chapter 18:Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 19:Introduction to Social Media
Chapter 20:Social and Ethical Issues
Appendix A:Unicode
Appendix B:Unified Modeling Language(UML)
Appendix C:Pseudocode
Appendix D:Structure Chart
Appendix E:Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits
Appendix F:Examples of Programs in C,C++,and Javal
Appendix G:Mathematical Review
Appendix H:Error Detection and Correction
Appendix l:Addition and Subtraction for
Sign-and-Magnitude Integers
Appendix J:Addition and Subtraction for Reals


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