Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP, 2nd Edition

Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP1484227719

Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP

By 作者: Dmitri Korotkevitch

ISBN-10 书号: 1484227719
ISBN-13 书号: 9781484227718
Edition 版本: 2nd ed.

Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-10-03
pages 页数: 304


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Take a deep dive into one of the most significant SQL Server features–support for In-Memory Online Transaction Processing. The latest developments are covered, including support of off-row storage, columnstore indexes and operational analytics, changes in programmability and native compilation, and more. This book describes the architecture and internals of the In-Memory OLTP Engine and explains how to develop, deploy, and maintain systems using it. With it you can dramatically increase transaction throughput to handle thousands of transactions per second supporting millions of customers.
Learn the architecture and the internals of In-Memory OLTP in order to recognize when technology can make a difference. Recognize opportunities for In-Memory OLTP in new development and understand how to benefit from it in existing systems. Don’t be without Dmitri Korotkevitch and the deep expertise he imparts in Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP, 2nd Edition as you move forward in using SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP technology.
Dmitri Korotkevitch is the five-star author of Pro SQL Server Internals, and brings the same combination of clear thinking and deep expertise to help you in this second edition. The book:
Explains In-Memory OLTP internals, architecture and programmability, including data storage, indexing, multi-version concurrency control, transaction logging and recovery, and native compilation
Covers SQL Server 2016 technology enhancements, including columnstore indexes and off-row storage
Guides in using In-Memory OLTP in new development and existing systems
What You’ll Learn
Grasp how SQL Server stores and works with data in memory-optimized tables
Properly design and index memory-optimized tables
Plan successful deployments, including the required memory size and I/O configuration
Accelerate T-SQL processing through the creation of natively compiled modules
Monitor and report on the benefits and performance of your In-Memory OLTP solutions
Benefit from the technology in existing systems and in the systems with the mixed workload
Who This Book Is For
Application developers and database administrators who create and manage online transaction processing (OLTP) systems; in particular, those wanting to take advantage of SQL Server’s new offering of in-memory OLTP to dramatically improve performance and throughput of their systems
Chapter 1: Why In-Memory OLTP?
Chapter 2: In-Memory OLTP Objects
Chapter 3: Memory-Optimized Tables
Chapter 4: Hash Indexes
Chapter 5: Nonclustered Indexes
Chapter 6: Memory Consumers and Off-Row Storage
Chapter 7: Columnstore Indexes
Chapter 8: Transaction Processing in In-Memory OLTP
Chapter 9: In-Memory OLTP Programmability
Chapter 10: Data Storage, Logging, and Recovery
Chapter 11: Garbage Collection
Chapter 12: Deployment and Management
Chapter 13: Utilizing In-Memory OLTP
Appendix A: Memory Pointer Management
Appendix B: Page Splitting and Page Merging in Nonclustered Indexes
Appendix C: Analyzing the States of Checkpoint Files

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