Designing User Interfaces

designing user interfaces malewiczDesigning User Interfaces
By 作者: Michał Malewicz
Pub Date: 2020
ISBN: n/a
Pages 页数: 419
Language 语言: English
Format: PDF
Size: 187 Mb
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Probably the first ebook with that scale (400+ ) with knowledge coming from 20+ years of experience, industry experts, and live event Q&A’s. We share our knowledge, know-how, best practices, and quick problem-solving techniques.
Do you want to be a Designer?
Junior Designers will get a clear, comprehensive handbook that guides them step By 作者:step through the basics and provides the knowledge necessary to go a step further. The tips within these pages will greatly help you in becoming an awesome Product Designer!
Are you a Designer?
Senior Designers can refresh and update their knowledge, as the book is based on a lot of our very own processes, techniques and more. It’s over 20 years of experience working in the industry distilled into an easy to read form.
Are you a Developer?
Front-end Developers will get the basics of design and the best practices on how to work with designers. This will make the implementations both faster and better. A design-driven front-end developer is a true industry unicorn. Become one!
Do you have a product or startup?
Founders will find the ways to make the best MVP’s (UX and UI) even with lower budgets. You’ll be able to guide your team towards a prototype that will wow users and investors alike! Don’t bet your product’s future on an ugly wireframe!
Do you work in Marketing,
Social Media or Sales?
Marketers and Social Ninjas will find out that even very small, easy to implement changes can have a huge impact on the campaigns and sales. You’ll learn how to wrap your content in amazing visuals and delight your users at the same time.


Designing User

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