Design Patterns in C#:A Hands-on Guide with Real-World Examples

Design Patterns in C#:A Hands-on Guide with Real-World ExamplesDesign Patterns in C#:A Hands-on Guide with Real-World Examples
by:Vaskaran Sarcar
ISBN-10 书号:1484236394
ISBN-13 书号:9781484236390
Edition 版次:1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-06-22
pages 页数:455

Get hands-on experience with each Gang of Four design pattern using the latest version of C# (Visual Studio Community 2017). For each of the patterns, you’ll see at least one real-world scenario, a coding example, and a complete implementation including output.
In the first part of Design Patterns in C#, you will cover the 23 Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns, before moving onto some alternative design patterns, including the Simple Factory Pattern, the Null Object Pattern, and the MVC Pattern. The final part winds up with a conclusion and criticisms of design patterns with chapters on anti-patterns and memory leaks. By working through easy-to-follow examples, you will understand the concepts in depth and have a collection of programs to port over to your own projects.
Along the way, the author discusses the different creational, structural, and behavioral patterns and why such classifications are useful. In each of these chapters, there is a Q&A session that clears up any doubts and covers the pros and cons of each of these patterns.He finishes the book with FAQs that will help you consolidate your knowledge. This book presents the topic of design patterns in C# in such a way that anyone can grasp the idea.
What You Will Learn

Work with each of the design patterns
Implement the design patterns in real-world applications
Select an alternative to these patterns by comparing their pros and cons
Use Visual Studio Community Edition 2017 to write code and generate output

Who This Book Is For
Software developers, software testers, and software architects.

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