Delphi Cookbook 2nd Edition

Delphi Cookbook Second Edition
by Daniele Teti
pages 页数: 470 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing; 2nd Revised edition edition (30 Jun. 2016)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号: 1785287427
ISBN-13 书号: 9781785287428
Over 60 hands-on recipes to help you master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on multiple platforms
About This Book
Get to grips with Delphi to build and deploy various cross-platform applications
Design,develop,and deploy real-world applications by implementing a single source codebase
This swift guide will increase your productivity to develop applications with Delphi
Who This Book Is For
If you are an intermediate developer with a basic knowledge of Delphi and you want to develop cross-platform applications,then this book is for you. Familiarity with the fundamentals of RAD (Rapid Application Development) Studio is expected.
What You Will Learn
Develop visually stunning applications using FireMonkey
Deploy LiveBinding effectively with the right OOP approach
Create server-side programs to serve RESTful web services and provide data to your mobile apps
Use well-defined GUI design patterns to build mobile applications that provide a great user experience
Build mobile apps that read data from a remote server efficiently
Call the platform native API on Android and iOS even for an unpublished API
Manage software customization for your customer by making better use of an extended RTTI
Implement the most popular design pattern without wasting too much time on debugging and bug fixing
In Detail
Delphi is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development for Microsoft Windows,Apple Mac OS X,Google Android,and Apple iOS. It helps you to concentrate on the real business and save yourself the pain of wandering amid GUI widget details,or having to tackle inter-platform incompatibilities. It also has a wide range of drag-and-drop controls,helping you code your business logic into your business model,and it compiles natively for desktop and mobile platforms.
This book will teach you how to design and develop applications,deploy them on the cloud platform,and distribute them within an organization via Google Play and other similar platforms.
You will begin with the basics of Delphi and get acquainted with JSON format strings,XSLT transformations,unicode encodings and various types of streams. We then move on to more advanced topics such as developing higher-order functions and using enumerators and RTTI. You will get an understanding of how Delphi RTL functions and how to use FireMonkey in a VCL application. We will then cover topics such as multithreading,using the parallel programming library and putting Delphi on a server. We will also take a look at the new feature of WebBroker Apache modules and then ride the mobile revolution with FireMonkey.
By the end of the book,you will be able to develop and deploy cross-platform applications using Delphi.
Style and approach
Delphi Cookbook is an easy-to-follow guide,rich with hands-on examples of real-world
1. Day 1 – Security and Risk Management - Security,Compliance,and Policies
2. Day 2 – Security and Risk Management - Risk Management,Business Continuity,and Security Education
3. Day 3 – Asset Security - Information and Asset Classification
4. Day 4 – Asset Security - Data Security Controls and Handling
5. Day 5 – Exam Cram and Practice Questions
6. Day 6 – Security Engineering - Security Design,Practices,Models,and Vulnerability Mitigation
7. Day 7 – Security Engineering - Cryptography
8. Day 8 – Communication and Network Security - Network Security
9. Day 9 – Communication and Network Security - Communication Security
10. Day 10 – Exam Cram and Practice Questions
11. Day 11 – Identity and Access Management - Identity Management
12. Day 12 – Identity and Access Management - Access Management,Provisioning,and Attacks
13. Day 13 – Security Assessment and Testing - Designing,Performing Security Assessment,and Tests
14. Day 14 – Security Assessment and Testing - Controlling,Analyzing,Auditing,and Reporting
15. Day 15 – Exam Cram and Practice Questions
16. Day 16 – Security Operations - Foundational Concepts
17. Day 17 – Security Operations - Incident Management and Disaster Recovery
18. Day 18 – Software Development Security - Security in Software Development Life Cycle
19. Day 19 – Software Development Security - Assessing effectiveness of Software Security
20. Day 20 – Exam Cram and Practice Questions
21. Day 21 – Exam Cram and Mock Test
创建服务器端程序来提供RESTful Web服务,并为您的移动应用程序提供数据
Delphi是一个跨平台的集成开发环境(IDE),支持Microsoft Windows,Apple Mac OS X,Google Android和Apple iOS的快速应用程序开发。它可以帮助您专注于真正的业务,并在GUI窗口小部件细节中保存自己的漫游痛苦,或者必须解决平台间的不兼容问题。它还具有广泛的拖放控制,可帮助您将业务逻辑编码到业务模型中,并为桌面和移动平台本身进行编译。
本书将教您如何设计和开发应用程序,将其部署在云平台上,并通过Google Play和其他类似平台将其分发到组织内。
您将从Delphi的基础知识开始,了解JSON格式字符串,XSLT转换,unicode编码和各种类型的流。然后,我们转向更高级的主题,如开发高阶函数和使用枚举器和RTTI。您将了解Delphi RTL的功能以及如何在VCL应用程序中使用FireMonkey。然后,我们将讨论诸如多线程,使用并行编程库和将Delphi放在服务器上的主题。我们还将看看WebBroker Apache模块的新功能,然后使用FireMonkey进行移动革命。
Delphi Cookbook是一个易于遵循的指南,丰富了现实世界中的实际操作示例
1.第1天 - 安全和风险管理 - 安全,合规和政策
2.第二天 - 安全与风险管理 - 风险管理,业务连续性和安全教育
3.第3天 - 资产安全 - 信息和资产分类
4.第4天 - 资产安全 - 数据安全控制和处理
5.第5天 - 考试和练习题
6.第6天 - 安全工程 - 安全设计,实践,模型和弱点缓解
7.第7天 - 安全工程 - 密码学
8.第8天 - 通信与网络安全 - 网络安全
9.第9天 - 通信和网络安全 - 通信安全
10.第10天 - 考试和练习题
11.第11天 - 身份和访问管理 - 身份管理
12.第12天 - 身份和访问管理 - 访问管理,配置和攻击
13.第13天 - 安全评估和测试 - 设计,执行安全评估和测试
14.第14天 - 安全评估与测试 - 控制,分析,审计和报告
15.第15天 - 考试和练习题
16.第16天 - 安全行动 - 基础概念
17.第17天 - 安全行动 - 事件管理和灾难恢复
18.第18天 - 软件开发安全 - 软件开发生命周期安全
19.第19天 - 软件开发安全 - 评估软件安全性的有效性
20.第20天 - 考试和练习题
21.第21天 - 考试和模拟考试


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