Database Management Systems – MU 2018

Database Management Systems – MU 2018
Pages: 432
By 作者: G. K. Gupta
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:9353161398
ISBN-13 书号:9789353161392
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This book is tailor made for the course on DatabaseManagement Systems for CSE and IT streams. It provides simple but comprehensiveexplanation of fundamentals of database management systems. It focuses onbuilding database applications By 作者:emphasizing on concepts that are thefoundation of database processing
Chapter 1 introduces the subject with a simple example of a cricket database and its features followed By 作者:a definition of the term ‘database’. A number of popular websites are listed to illustrate the amount of information that many websites now have and is required to be stored in databases. Chapter 2 discusses the Entity-Relationship model in detail. Representing an Entity-Relationship model By 作者:an Entity-Relationship diagram is explained along with generalization, specialization and aggregation concepts. Chapter 3 describes the relational model and its three major components, viz., data structure, data manipulation and data integrity. Mapping of the E-R model to the relational model is explained. This is supported By 作者:a brief description of older database models: hierarchical and network models. Chapter 4 elucidates data manipulation in relational model including relational algebra and relational calculus. A number of examples of their use are also presented. Chapter 5 on SQL discusses data retrieval features of SQL using simple examples that involve only one table, followed By 作者:examples that involve more than one table using joins and subqueries, as well as built-in functions and GROUPING and HAVING clauses. Use of SQL in enforcing data integrity is also mentioned. Chapter 6 explains theoretical basis of normalization using the concept of functional dependency followed By 作者:a study of single-valued normalization and multivalued normalization. The structure of information storage on a magnetic disk is described along with the most commonly used data structures, B-tree and hashing in Chapter 7. In Chapter 8, the concept and properties of a transaction are described along with concepts of a schedule and serializability. Locking and two-phase locking (2PL) are introduced followed By 作者:definition of deadlocks, their detection, prevention and resolution.


1Introduction to Database Management
2Entity-Relationship Data Model
3Relational Model
4Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
5 Structured Query Language(SQL)
7 Physical Storage and Indexing
8Transaction Management and Concurrency

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