Data Science: Tips and Tricks to Learn Data Science Theories Effectively

Data Science: Tips and Tricks to Learn Data Science Theories Effectively
By 作者:William Vance
Series: Data Science (Book 2)
pages 页数: 224 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Joiningthedotstv Limited (March 6, 2020)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:1913597253
ISBN-13 书号:9781913597252
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There is a popular joke that a data scientist is someone who knows more computer science than a statistician, and knows more statistics than a computer scientist. While to a large extent, this is true, becoming a good data scientist requires the mastery of not only these two key areas, but also some theories and models crucial to this field. However, this area has proven to be very difficult to understand. Data scientists get easily get fed up with the various theories and models they have to master to excel in the field.
The growing rate of Data science today has made it a go-to area of computer studies. Data scientists are needed in virtually all fields and careers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even more professional site like LinkedIn are made effective By 作者:data scientists. The service of a data scientist is needed in professions such as business and finance organizations, banks, health care centers, and even law firms.
This book provides a detailed explanation of the theories, algorithms, statistics, and analysis applicable to the domain of data science. It gives a step By 作者:step guide on how the various theories in data science are implemented. It explains in detail the difference between the two major types of regressions we have: linear and nonlinear regressions. Explanation on interesting areas like R programming, Auction, data extraction and analysis, algorithms, and many more are covered in detail.
Data science entails the mastery of statistics applicable to the field. In this book, formulas for examining key areas, like handling data, analyzing data, and implementing data are provided.
The book is recommended to all interested readers who aspire to stand out in the field of data science.
Chapter One:What Is Data Science?
Chapter Two:Getting Started with Data Science
Chapter Three:R-Statistic Packages
Chapter Four:Data Handling and Other Useful Things
Chapter Five:Markowitz Mean-Variance Problem
Chapter Six Bayes Theorem
Chapter Seven:More Than Words-Extracting Information From News
Chapter Eight:Bass Model
Chapter Nine:Extracting Dimensions:Discriminant and Factor Analysis
Chapter 10:Auction
Chapter 11:Limited Dependent Variables
Chapter Twelve:Fourier Analysis And Network Theory
Chapter 13:Searching Graph
Chapter 14:Neural Networks
Chapter 15:One Or Zero:Optimal Digital Portfolio
Phase-Lag Metrics
Economic Significant
Text Summarization


Data Science

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