Data Analytics Guide For Beginners Introduction

Data Analytics Guide:For Beginners Introduction (2)
Authors:William Sullivan
ISBN-10 书号:197571072X
ISBN-13 书号:9781975710729
Edition 版次:Large Print
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2017-08-23
pages 页数:154 pages

Book Description
The ultimate guide to data analytics is here! Learn everything you need to know
TIME is the greatest commodity and asset we have
Information like this can cost a fortune
Business consultants will charge anywhere between $100s-$1000s of dollars
This book is your golden answer,it teaches you everything you will need to leverage,capitalize,accelerate revenue growth and close more sales much more effectively
The problem is precious resources such as time,money and marketing can be futile without the right knowledge
The importance of time is clear,companies,online marketers,sales reps and entrepreneurs alike strive to capitalize on ROI ( return on investment) in the shortest amount of time possible
Why not do the most sensible thing for yourself right now and start off by reading ” Data Analytics Guide:For Beginners Introduction” for an affordable price? This is an incredible offer and the most valuable investment you can make for yourself,empower yourself with the knoweldge necessary to become successful!
What You’ll Learn
Regression Analysis
Big Data
Data & Text Mining
Data Management
Business Intelligence (bonus)
Reduction & Clustering
Web Scrapping
Social Network Analysis
Data Anaylsis techniques
And much,much more
Chapter 1:Regression Analysis
Chapter 2:Big Data
Chapter 3:Data and Text Mining
PChapter 4:Data Management
Chapter 5:Data Reduction and Clustering
Chapter 6:Web Scraping
Chapter 7:Data Analysis in the Real World
Chapter 8:Social Network Analysis
Chapter 9:Data Analysis Techniques
BONUS-Business Intelligence


Data Analytics Guide For Beginners Introduction 9781975710729.pdf

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