Data Professionals at Work

Data Professionals at Work
Authors:Malathi Mahadevan
ISBN-10 书号:1484239660
ISBN-13 书号:9781484239667
Edition 版次:1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-10-12
pages 页数:356 pages

Book Description
Enjoy reading interviews with more than two dozen data professionals to see a picture of what it’s like to work in the industry managing and analyzing data,helping you to know what it takes to move from your current expertise into one of the fastest growing areas of technology today. Data is the hottest word of the century,and data professionals are in high demand. You may already be a data professional such as a database administrator or business intelligence analyst. Or you may be one of the many people who want to work as a data professional,and are curious how to get there. Either way,this collection helps you understand how data professionals work,what makes them successful,and what they do to keep up.
You’ll find interviews in this book with database administrators,database programmers,data architects,business intelligence professionals,and analytics professionals. Interviewees work across industry sectors ranging from healthcare and banking to finance and transportation and beyond. Each chapter illuminates a successful professional at the top of their game,who shares what helped them get to the top,and what skills and attitudes combine to make them successful in their respective fields.
Interviewees in the book include:Mindy Curnutt,Julie Smith,Kenneth Fisher,Andy Leonard,Jes Borland,Kevin Feasel,Ginger Grant,Vicky Harp,Kendra Little,Jason Brimhall,Tim Costello,Andy Mallon,Steph Locke,Jonathan Stewart,Joseph Sack,John Q. Martin,John Morehouse,Kathi Kellenberger,Argenis Fernandez,Kirsten Benzel,Tracy Boggiano,Dave Walden,Matt Gordon,Jimmy May,Drew Furgiuele,Marlon Ribunal,and Joseph Fleming. All of them have been successful in their careers,and share their perspectives on working and succeeding in the field as data and database professionals.
What You’ll Learn
Stand out as an outstanding professional in your area of data work by developing the right set of skills and attitudes that lead to success
Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls,and recover from operational failures and bad technology decisions
Understand current trends and best practices,and stay out in front as the field evolves
Break into working with data through database administration,business intelligence,or any of the other career paths represented in this book
Manage stress and develop a healthy work-life balance no matter which career path you decide upon
Choose a suitable path for yourself from among the different career paths in working with data
Who This Book Is For
Database administrators and developers,database and business intelligence architects,consultants,and analytic professionals,as well as those intent on moving into one of those career paths. Aspiring data professionals and those in related technical fields who want to make a move toward managing or analyzing data on a full-time basis will find the book useful. Existing data professionals who want to be outstanding and successful at what they do will also appreciate the book’s advice and guidance.

1.Mindy Curnut
2.Julie Smith
3.Kenneth Fisher
4.Andy Leonard
5.Jes Borland
6.Kevin Feasel7.Ginger Grant
8.Vicky Harp
9.Kendra Little
10.Jason Brimhall
11.Tim Costello
12.Andy Mallon13.Steph Locke
14.Jonathan Stewart
15.Joseph Sack
16.John Q.Martin
17.John Morehouse
18.Kathi Kellenberger
19.Argenis Fernandez
20.Kirsten Benzel21.Tracy Boggiano
22.Dave Walden23.Matt Gordon
24.Jimmy May
25.Drew Furgiuele
26.Marlon Ribunal
27.Joseph Fleming


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