Data Analytics for Business: Foundations and Industry Applications

Data Analytics for Business: Foundations and Industry Applications
Author: Fenio Annansingh and Joseph Bon Sesay
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Routledge (April 21, 2022)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:276 pages
ISBN-10 书号:0367654210
ISBN-13 书号:9780367654214

Book Description
Data analytics underpin our modern data-driven economy. This textbook explains the relevance of data analytics at the firm and industry levels, tracing the evolution and key components of the field, and showing how data analytics insights can be leveraged for business results.

The first section of the text covers key topics such as data analytics tools, data mining, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and cybersecurity. The chapters then take an industry focus, exploring how data analytics can be used in particular settings to strengthen business decision-making. A range of sectors are examined, including financial services, accounting, marketing, sport, health care, retail, transport, and education. With industry case studies, clear definitions of terminology, and no background knowledge required, this text supports students in gaining a solid understanding of data analytics and its practical applications. PowerPoint slides, a test bank of questions, and an instructor’s manual are also provided as online supplements.

This will be a valuable text for undergraduate level courses in data analytics, data mining, business intelligence, and related areas.

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