Data Analytics and AI (Data Analytics Applications)

Data Analytics and AI (Data Analytics Applications)
By 作者:Jay Liebowitz
Hardcover : 266 pages
ISBN-10 : 0367522004
ISBN-13 : 9780367522001
Product Dimensions : 15.49 x 2.03 x 23.88 cm
Publisher Finelybook 出版社 : Auerbach Publications (4 Aug. 2020)
Language 语言: : English
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Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), what are they good for? The bandwagon keeps answering, absolutely everything! Analytics and artificial intelligence have captured the attention of everyone from top executives to the person in the street. While these disciplines have a relatively long history, within the last ten or so years they have exploded into corporate business and public consciousness. Organizations have rushed to embrace data-driven decision making. Companies everywhere are turning out products boasting that “artificial intelligence is included.” We are indeed living in exciting times. The question we need to ask is, do we really know how to get business value from these exciting tools?
Unfortunately, both the analytics and AI communities have not done a great job in collaborating and communicating with each other to build the necessary synergies. This book bridges the gap between these two critical fields. The book begins By 作者:explaining the commonalities and differences in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and autonomy By 作者:giving a historical perspective for each of these fields, followed By 作者:exploration of common technologies and current trends in each field. The book also readers introduces to applications of deep learning in industry with an overview of deep learning and its key architectures, as well as a survey and discussion of the main applications of deep learning. The book also presents case studies to illustrate applications of AI and analytics. These include a case study from the healthcare industry and an investigation of a digital transformation enabled By 作者:AI and analytics transforming a product-oriented company into one delivering solutions and services. The book concludes with a proposed AI-informed data analytics life cycle to be applied to unstructured data.


Data Analytics and AI

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