Computational Interaction

Computational Interaction
ISBN-10 书号: 0198799616
ISBN-13 书号: 9780198799610
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-04-08
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Edited by
Associate Professor
Aalto University
University Reader in Interactive Systems Engineering
University of Cambridge
Assistant Professor
Stony Brook University
Professor and Head of School at the School of Computer Science
University of Birmingham

This book presents computational interaction as an approach to explaining and enhancing the interaction between humans and information technology. Computational interaction applies abstraction, automation, and analysis to inform our understanding of the structure of interaction and also to inform the design of the software that drives new and exciting human-computer interfaces. The methods of computational interaction allow, for example, designers to identify user interfaces that are optimal against some objective criteria. They also allow software engineers to build interactive systems that adapt their behaviour to better suit individual capacities and preferences.
Embedded in an iterative design process, computational interaction has the potential to complement human strengths and provide methods for generating inspiring and elegant designs.
Computational interaction does not exclude the messy and complicated behaviour of humans, rather it embraces it by, for example, using models that are sensitive to uncertainty and that capture subtle variations between individual users. It also promotes the idea that there are many aspects of interaction that can be augmented by algorithms.
This book introduces computational interaction design to the reader by exploring a wide range of computational interaction techniques, strategies and methods. It explains how techniques such as optimisation, economic modelling, machine learning, control theory, formal methods, cognitive models and statistical language processing can be used to model interaction and design more expressive, efficient and versatile interaction.


List of Contributors
PART I:Input and Interaction Techniques
1:Control Theory,Dynamics,and Continuous Interaction
2:Statistical Language Processing for Text Entry
3:Input Recognition
PART I:Design
4:Combinatorial Optimization for User Interface Design
5:Soft Keyboard Performance Optimization
6:Computational Design with Crowds
PART Il:Systems
7:Practical Formal Methods in Human-Computer
8:From Premature Semantics to Mature Interaction
9:Performance Evaluation of Interactive Systems with
Interactive Cooperative Objects Models
PART IV:Human Behaviour
10:Interaction as an Emergent Property of a Partially
Observable Markov Decision Process
11:Economic Models of Interaction
12:Computational Models of User Multitasking
13:The Central Role of Cognitive Computations in
Human-Information Interaction
14:Computational Model of Human Routine Behaviours
15:Computational Methods for Socio-Computer


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