Cloud Native Python

Cloud Native Python9781787129313

Cloud Native Python

by:Manish Sethi
ISBN-10 书号:1787129314
ISBN-13 书号:9781787129313
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2017-09-06
pages 页数:371

Book Description
Key Features
This is the only reliable resource that showcases the tools and techniques you need build robust and resilient cloud native applications in Python
Learn how to architect your application on both,the AWS and Azure clouds for high availability
Assess,monitor,and troubleshoot your applications in the cloud

Book Description
Businesses today are evolving so rapidly that having their own infrastructure to support their expansion is not feasible. As a result,they have been resorting to the elasticity of the cloud to provide a platform to build and deploy their highly scalable applications.
This book will be the one stop for you to learn all about building cloud-native architectures in Python. It will begin by introducing you to cloud-native architecture and will help break it down for you. Then you'll learn how to build microservices in Python using REST APIs in an event driven approach and you will build the web layer. Next,you'll learn about Interacting data services and building Web views with React,after which we will take a detailed look at application security and performance. Then,you'll also learn how to Dockerize your services. And finally,you'll learn how to deploy the application on the AWS and Azure platforms. We will end the book by discussing some concepts and techniques around troubleshooting problems that might occur with your applications after you've deployed them.
This book will teach you how to craft applications that are built as small standard units,using all the proven best practices and avoiding the usual traps. It's a practical book:we're going to build everything using Python 3 and its amazing tooling ecosystem. The book will take you on a journey,the destination of which,is the creation of a complete Python application based on microservices over the cloud platform
What you will learn
Get to know “the way of the cloud”,including why developing good cloud software is fundamentally about mindset and discipline
Know what microservices are and how to design them
Create reactive applications in the cloud with third-party messaging providers
Build massive-scale,user-friendly GUIs with React and Flux
Secure cloud-based web applications:the do's,don'ts,and options
Plan cloud apps that support continuous delivery and deployment
About the Author
Manish Sethi works as an engineer in Bangalore,India. Over the course of his career,he has worked for startups and Fortune 10 companies,helping organizations adopt a cloud native approach to architecting massively scalable products.
He regularly spends time learning and implementing new technology paradigms and actively finds himself solving practical problems using serverless architecture,machine and deep learning,and so on. He contributes to Bangalore DevOps and the Docker community by writing blog posts,giving talks in meetups,and so on.
Chapter 1. Introducing Cloud native architecture and microservices
Chapter 2. Building Microservices in python
Chapter 3. Building a Web Application in python
Chapter 4. Interacting Data Services
Chapter 5. Building web views with React
Chapter 6. Creating UIs to scale with flux
Chapter 7. Learning Event Sourcing and CQRS
Chapter 8. Securing the Web Application
Chapter 9. Continuous Delivery
Chapter 10. Dockerizing your services
Chapter 11. Deploying on the AWS Platform
Chapter 12. Implementing on the Azure Platform
Chapter 13. Monitoring the cloud application


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