Build Chatbot Interactions:Responsive,Intuitive Interfaces with Ruby

Build Chatbot Interactions:Responsive,Intuitive Interfaces with Ruby
Authors:Daniel Pritchett
ISBN-10 书号:1680506323
ISBN-13 书号:9781680506327
Edition 版次:1
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2019-06-23
pages 页数:208 pages

Book Description
The next step in the evolution of user interfaces is here. Chatbots let your users interact with your service in their own natural language. Use free and open source tools along with Ruby to build creative,useful,and unexpected interactions for users. Take advantage of the Lita framework’s step-by-step implementation strategy to simplify bot development and testing. From novices to experts,chatbots are an area in which everyone can participate. Exercise your creativity by creating chatbot skills for communicating,information,and fun.
Developers of all skill levels can craft user experiences that are natural,easy to use,and most of all,fun. Build chatbots using free,open source tools and launch them to popular chat platforms like Slack and Amazon’s Alexa. Use the Ruby programming language and the Lita bot framework to unlock fun and powerful chat abilities such as sending text messages and emails,creating new meme images,driving a robot around the room,and talking out loud on a home speaker.
Use frameworks available in Ruby and Node.js to get started quickly. Create simple chatbot skills that respond quickly to basic requests. Chain skills together for more complex interactions. Take advantage of test-driven development techniques to build your bots with confidence. Coordinate tasks with colleagues via bot. Connect with external APIs to provide users with data they need. Extract data information from web pages when an API isn’t available. Expand your bot’s reach with SMS and e-mail messaging. Deploy a chatbot to a host so users can interact with it on their schedule.
Build a more responsive,easy-to-use interface for your users today.
What You Need:
You don’t need much to get started with chatbots. A Mac or Linux computer with a recent version of Ruby is recommended. Windows users can keep up with a free virtual machine running Linux. You’ll deploy your chatbots for free (or at least cheaply) on cloud hosting platforms like Heroku and Digital Ocean.
1. Your First Lita Bot
2. Your First Lita Skill
3. Deploy Your Lita Bot to Heroku
4. Deploy Lita on Your Linux Server
5. Parse a Photoblog:What’s Brad Eating? Parse a Photoblog:What's Brad Eating?
6. Meetup Finder
7. Imgflip Meme Maker
8. Bot Task Scheduler
9. Hide Walls of Text Behind an Offsite URL
10. Use a Markov Chain or Cleverbot
11. Send Messages with SMS and Email
12. ChatOps Techniques for Managing Software Systems
13. Amazon Alexa Integrations
14. Hue Programmable Lighting


Build Chatbot Interactions

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