Big C++:Late Objects,3rd Edition

Big C++:Late Objects,Enhanced eText
By:Cay S. Horstmann
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Wiley
Print ISBN:9781119402909,1119402905
eText ISBN:9781119402978,1119402972
Edition 版次:3rd
Copyright year:2018

Book Description
Big C++ Late Object provides an introduction to C++ and computer programming that focuses on the essentials and on effective learning. It is suitable for a two-semester sequence in C++ programming for students in computer science,engineering,technology,and the physical sciences. The Enhanced E-Text requires no prior programming experience and takes a traditional route,first stressing control structures,procedural decomposition and array algorithms. Objects are used where appropriate in early sections of the Enhanced E-Text. Students begin designing and implementing their own classes in Section 9. The second half of the Enhanced E-Text covers algorithms and data structures at a level suitable for beginning students. All Enhanced E-Text sections include many different forms of guidance to help students build confidence and tackle the task at hand,including Self Check and Practice activities along with end-of-section Review Exercises,Practice Exercises and Programming Projects.
Title Page
Getting the Most from your eText
New to this Edition
Tips for Using the Interactive Exercises
A Tour of the Book
Walkthrough of the Learning Aids
Quick Reference
1. Introduction
1.1 What Is Programming?
Self Check
1.2 The Anatomy of a Computer
Self Check
Computing & Society 1.1 Computers Are Everywhere
1.3 Machine Code and Programming Languages
Self Check
Computing & Society 1.2 Standards Organizations
1.4 Becoming Familiar with Your Programming Environment
Self Check
Programming Tip 1.1 Backup Copies
1.5 Analyzing Your First Program
Syntax 1.1 C++ Program
Syntax 1.2 Output Statement
Self Check
Common Error 1.1 Omitting Semicolons


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