Beginning Ruby: 3: From Beginner to Pro, 4th Edition

Beginning RuBy 作者:3: From Beginner to Pro
By 作者:Carleton DiLeo and Peter Cooper
pages 页数: 615 pages
ISBN-10 : 1484263235
ISBN-13 : 9781484263235
Dimensions : 7.01 x 1.24 x 10 inches
Publisher Finelybook 出版社 : Apress; 4th ed. edition (December 9, 2020)
Language 语言: : English
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Learn the principles behind object-oriented programming in RuBy 作者:and within a few chapters create a fully functional RuBy 作者:3-based application. You’ll gain a basic understanding of many ancillary technologies such as databases, XML, web frameworks, and networking – some of which will be needed for your first RuBy 作者:application. Based on the bestselling first and second editions, Beginning RuBy 作者:3, 4th Edition is a leading guide to learn RuBy 作者:from the ground up.
The new edition of this book provides the same excellent introduction to RuBy 作者:as the previous editions plus updates for the newest version of RuBy 作者:, including performance through an improved allocator, decreased heap fragmentation and more. Also, added: details on the just-in-time compiler, fewer limits on GIL (Global Interpreter Lock), and a static type checker.
You’ll see why the light and agile RuBy 作者:programming language remains a popular open source scripting option for developers building today’s web applications. This book can also be used as a textbook or companion to a textbook on beginning RuBy 作者:programming. After reading and using this book, you’ll have a firm handle to program in the RuBy 作者:language.
What You Will Learn

Discover the fundamentals of RuBy 作者:and its object-oriented building blocks
Use the RuBy 作者:libraries, gems, and documentation
Work with files and databases
Write and deploy RuBy 作者:applications
Harness the various RuBy 作者:web frameworks and use them effectively
Do network programming with RuBy 作者:

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