Algorithms Advanced Data Structures for Algorithms

Algorithms:Advanced Data Structures for Algorithms
Book 3 of 3:Algorithms | Author:Andy Vickler
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Independently published (December 21, 2021)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:225 pages
ISBN-13 书号:9798788451602

Book Description
Are you studying data science and want to take your learning further ? Data structures are an integral part of data science, machine learning, and algorithms, all aimed at solving programming challenges that might seem insurmountable at the outset.

Advanced Data Structures for Algorithms builds on your current knowledge, taking your learning much deeper and teaching you how to solve even the trickiest of challenges.

This book has been divided into four parts:

Part One covers advanced lists, including:

An overview of linked lists
Doubly linked lists
XOR linked lists
Self-organizing lists
Unrolled linked lists
Part Two covers trees, including:

Segment trees
Trie trees
Fenwick trees
AVL trees
Red-black trees
Scapegoat trees
Part Three discusses disjoint sets or Union-finds, as they are sometimes known

Part Four covers heaps and priority queues, including:

A brief discussion on binary heaps
Binomial heaps
Fibonacci heaps
Leftist heaps
K-ary heaps
Iterative heapsorts
You’ll find plenty of code examples to help you make sense of things and common-sense explanations.

If you want to advance your knowledge of data structures for algorithms you are in the right place


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