WebAssembly in Action: With examples using C++ and Emscripten

WebAssembly in Action
By 作者: Gerard Gallant
ISBN-10 书号: 1617295744
ISBN-13 书号: 9781617295744
Edition 版本: 1st
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-12-07
pages 页数: (425 )

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WebAssembly in Action introduces the WebAssembly stack and walks you through the process of writing and running browser-based applications. Expert developer Gerard Gallant gives you a firm foundation of the structure of a module, HTML basics, JavaScript Promises, and the WebAssembly JavaScript API.
Write high-performance browser-based applications without relying only on JavaScript! By compiling to the WebAssembly binary format, your C, C++, or Rust code runs at near-native speed in the browser. WebAssembly delivers greater speed, opportunities to reuse existing code, and access to newer and faster libraries. Plus, you can easily interact with JavaScript when you need to.
WebAssembly in Action teaches you how to write and run high-performance browser-based applications using C++ and other languages supported by WebAssembly. In it, you’ll learn to create native WebAssembly modules, interact with JavaScript components, and maximize performance with web workers and pthreads. And you’ll love how the clearly organized sections make it a breeze to find the important details about every function, feature, and technique.
What’s inside

Dynamic linking of multiple modules at runtime
Communicating between modules and JavaScript
Debugging with WebAssembly Text Format
Threading with web workers and pthreads


About this Book
About the Author
About the Cover llustration
Part 1. First steps
Chapter 1. Meet WebAssembly
Chapter 2.A look inside WebAssembly modules
Chapter 3. Creating your first WebAssembly module
Part 2. Working with modules
Chapter 4. Reusing your existing C++codebase
Chapter 5. Creating a WebAssembly module that calls into JavaScript
Chapter 6. Creating a WebAssembly module that talks to JavaScript using function pointers
Part 3. Advanced topics
Chapter 7. Dynamic linking: The basics
Chapter 8. Dynamic linking: The implementation
Chapter 9. Threading: Web workers and pthreads
Chapter 10. WebAssembly modules in Node. js
Part 4. Debugging and testing
Chapter 11. WebAssembly text format
Chapter 12. Debugging
Chapter 13. Testing-and then what?
Appendix A. Installation and tool setup
Appendix B. ccall, cwrap, and direct function calls
Appendix C. Emscripten macros
Appendix D. Exercise solutions
Appendix E. Text format extras
WebAssembly in Action
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings


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