UI Animations with Lottie and After Effects: Create, render, and ship stunning animations natively on mobile with React Native

UI Animations with Lottie and After Effects: Create, render, and ship stunning animations natively on mobile with React Native
Author: Mireia Alegre Ruiz and Emilio Rodriguez Martinez
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (June 30, 2022)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 302 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1803243805
ISBN-13 书号: 9781803243801

Book Description
Understand and develop immersive animations along with animated stickers for Telegram using Bodymovin, After Effects and LottieFiles and integrate them in your React Native apps using this color guide to UI animations

Key Features
Explore key principles of storytelling, 2D digital animation, and design thinking
Create animations in After Effects, learn how to export them with both Bodymovin and LottieFiles plugins, and tweak them using the LottieFiles platform
Understand how to implement Lottie animations with React Native

Book Description
Lottie is a small and scalable JSON-based animation file. LottieFiles is the platform where Lottie animations can be uploaded, tested, and shared. Author: combining the LottieFiles plugin and the LottieFiles platform, you'll be able to create stunning animations that are easy to integrate in any device. You'll also see how to use the Bodymovin plugin in After Effects to export your animation to a JSON file.

The book starts Author: giving you an overview of Lottie and LottieFiles. As you keep reading, you'll understand the entire Lottie ecosystem and get hands-on with classic 2D animation principles. You'll also get a step-Author: -step guided tour to ideate, sketch for storytelling, design an icon that will fulfill the needs and expectations of users based on UX, and finally animate it in Adobe After Effects. This will help you get familiar with the After Effects environment, work with vector shape layers, create and modify keyframes using layer properties, explore path and mask features, and adjust timing easily to create professional-looking animations.

Author: the end of this animation book, you'll be able to create and export your own Lottie animations using After Effects and implement them in mobile apps using React Native. You'll also have an understanding of 2D animation best practices and principles that you can apply in your own projects.

What you will learn
Get started with Lottie and integrate animations either Author: creating them from scratch or Author: downloading them through LottieFiles
Explore the key principles of 2D classic animation
Understand the basics to create your first animation using After Effects
Export your animations into Lottie JSON files through Bodymovin
Integrate your very first Lottie icon animation inside your React Native app
Control your animation within the app through React APIs, while exploring best practices and common pitfalls
Who this book is for
This book is for developers and engineers who are already familiar with React Native, as well as UX and UI designers who want to create their own animations and integrate them with their platforms through React Native. Basic knowledge of JavaScript programming is assumed. Beginner-level illustration skills are also preferred, although not necessary.

Table of Contents
Get Started With Lottie
Creating the Illusion: Get Rolling With the Basic Principles of 2D Classic Animation
Learning the Tools: Getting Familiar With After Effects
Move It! Animating Our First Lottie With After Effects
Share It With the World: Working With LottieFiles
Don't Stop! Exploring Plugins and Resources That Will Keep You Going
An Introduction to lottie-react-native
Installing lottie-react-native
Let's Do Some Magic: Integrating Your First Lottie Animation
How To Nail It: Controlling Your Animation
Any Questions? lottie-react-native FAQs

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