The Joy of Kotlin

The Joy of Kotlin
By 作者: Pierre-Yves Saumont
ISBN-10 书号: 1617295361
ISBN-13 书号: 9781617295362
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-04-27
pages 页数: (480 )

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Maintaining poor legacy code, interpreting cryptic comments, and writing the same boilerplate over and over can suck the joy out of your life as a Java developer. Fear not! There’s hope! Kotlin is an elegant JVM language with modern features and easy integration with Java. The Joy of Kotlin teaches you practical techniques to improve abstraction and design, to write comprehensible code, and to build maintainable bug-free applications.
Your programming language should be expressive, safe, flexible, and intuitive, and Kotlin checks all the boxes! This elegant JVM language integrates seamlessly with Java, and makes it a breeze to switch between OO and functional styles of programming. It’s also fully supported by Google as a first-class Android language. Master the powerful techniques in this unique book, and you’ll be able to take on new challenges with increased confidence and skill.
The Joy of Kotlin teaches you to write comprehensible, easy-to-maintain, safe programs with Kotlin. In this expert guide, seasoned engineer Pierre-Yves Saumont teaches you to approach common programming challenges with a fresh, FP-inspired perspective. As you work through the many examples, you’ll dive deep into handling errors and data properly, managing state, and taking advantage of laziness. The author’s down-to-earth examples and experience-driven insights will make you a better—and more joyful—developer!
What’s inside

Programming with functions
Dealing with optional data
Safe handling of errors and exceptions
Handling and sharing state mutation

about this book
about the author
about the cover illustration
Chapter 1: Making programs safer
Chapter 2: Functional programming in Kotlin: An overview
Chapter 3: Programming with functions
Chapter 4:. Recursion, corecursion, and memoization
Chapter 5: Data handling with lists
Chapter 6: Dealing with optional data
Chapter 7: Handling errors and exceptions
Chapter 8: Advanced list handling
Chapter 9: Working with laziness
Chapter 10: More data handling with trees
Chapter 11: Solving problems with advanced trees
Chapter 12: Functional input/output
Chapter 13: Sharing mutable states with actors
Chapter 14: Solving common problems functionally
appendix A: Mixing Kotlin with Java
appendix B: Property-based testing in Kotlin
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List of Tables
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The Joy of Kotlin

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