The Art of PostgreSQL,2nd Edition

art postgresql 2ndThe Art of PostgreSQL,2nd Edition
The book that teaches SQL to developers:Learn to replace thousands of lines of code with simple queries!

SQL is code
Learn how to deal with SQL in your developer workflow:versioning,testing,code reviewing,deployment. Best practice and tools are covered.

Practical examples
Learn advanced SQL with practical examples and datasets that help you get the most of the book! Every query solves a practical use case and is given in context.

Database modelling
The book covers (de-)normalisation with simple practical examples to dive into this seemingly complex topic,including Caching and Indexing Strategy.

SQL for developers
This book is for developers,covering advanced SQL techniques for data processing. Learn how to get exactly the result set you need in your application’s code!

Write efficient SQL
Writing efficient SQL is easier than it looks,and begins with database modeling and writing clear code. The book teaches you how to write fast queries!

Batteries included
The book comes with open data sets and instructions to get them so that you can run all the SQL queries at home,edit them and learn from them. Advanced psql setup is even included!

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