The Art of Code

The Art of Code
By 作者: Jason Woyak
Pages 页数: 30 pages
Edition 版本: 1
Language 语言: English
Publication Date 出版日期: 2016-12-01
ISBN-10 书号:B01N7DHYO8

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The Art of Code: An introduction to computer programming using the Python Programming Language and the Turtle Graphics Module
Do you want to have computer super powers? Do you like to create art? Come explore the world of Python programming! In this short and example-filled eBook, we use the Turtle Graphics module (part of the Free/Open Source Python Programming Language) to write code that creates cool and interesting graphic art! Along the way, readers are introduced to basic computer programming concepts such as variables, functions, modules and methods, in a fun and hands-on style suitable for readers ages 8 and up.


Section 1: The Python Shell
Section 3: More Variables and Functions
Section 4: Modules and the Turtle
Section 5: Our First Picture
Section 6: Loops
Section 7: Circles
Section 8: Colors and Lists
Section 9: Movement
Section 10: Art By Example
Appendix 1: Saving Your Work
Appendix 2: Useful Links
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