The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET

absolutely awesome book c netThe Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET
By 作者: Damir Arh
Pub Date: 2020
ISBN: n/a
Pages 页数: 496
Language 语言: English
Format: PDF
Size: 10 Mb
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The book assumes familiarity with basic programming concepts. Prior experience with C# and .NET framework or .NET Core is recommended. The book will be most beneficial to readers who are already confident with the basics of C# and .NET development, and would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding. The book structure also lends itself well to experienced developers who want to catch up with the latest features or refresh their knowledge about a specific feature or topic.
.NET and C# have been around for a very long time, but their constant growth means there’s always more to learn. To keep up with the ever-changing .NET landscape, sometimes you need succinct and easy to follow information, with just enough detail to speedily grasp the concept, and keep moving ahead. This eBook will cover:

The difference between .NET framework, .NET Core and .NET Standard, and the current state of all three.
The role of C#, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Base Class Library (BCL) in C#/.NET development.
Important details about the C# type system and the language support for objectoriented programming (OOP).
An overview of built-in collection classes and how they are closely related to generics and the Language INtegrated Queries (LINQ).
Everything you need to know about parallel and asynchronous programming in C# (with emphasis on the async and await keywords).
Key recent language developments in C# 6.0, C# 7.0 and C# 8.0.


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