Tailwind CSS: Craft Beautiful, Flexible, and Responsive Designs

Tailwind CSS
Author: Ivaylo Gerchev
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: SitePoint; 1st edition (April 29, 2022)
ISBN: 9781925836516
Language 语言: English
File size: 6739 KB
Print length: 136 pages

Book Description
Get a rapid introduction to Tailwind, the utility-first CSS framework, and start building sites with it today!

For many years, component-based frameworks, like Bootstrap, were the de facto standard for building websites quickly and easily. But all this magic comes with a price. Without serious customization, sites built with such frameworks look similar to each other. And customization is a real pain in the neck for anyone who wants to build something more complex or creative. Component-based styles are easy to implement, but inflexible and confined to certain boundaries. Solving specificity issues while trying to override the default styles of a particular framework isn’t a fun and productive job. Tailwind is a utility-first framework that is built with low-level functionality in mind. As you’ll see in this book, utility classes offer much more power and flexibility than component classes. You’ll learn

Component vs utility classes, and the pros and cons of each
Tailwind basics (layout, typography, responsive web design, colors, and more)
Creating your own Tailwind components
Building complex and flexible layouts with Tailwind’s Grid utilities
Customizing Tailwind
Working with Tailwind plugins
And much more!

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