Swift 4 Protocol-Oriented Programming,3rd Edition

Swift Protocol-Oriented Programming - Third Edition1788470036
Swift Protocol-Oriented Programming - Third Edition
by 作者: Jon Hoffman
ISBN-10 书号: 1788470036
ISBN-13 书号: 9781788470032
Edition 版本: 3rd Revised edition
Publisher Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-03-09
Pages: 243

Key Features
Leverage the power of protocol-oriented programming in your applications and learn from real-world use cases
Create a flexible code base with protocols and protocol extensions
Leverage the power of generics in Swift 4 to create very flexible frameworks

Book Description
Swift has become the number one language used in iOS and macOS development. The Swift standard library is developed using protocol-oriented programming techniques,generics,and first-class value semantics; therefore,every Swift developer should understand these powerful concepts and how to take advantage of them in their application design.

This book will help you understand the differences between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming. It will demonstrate how to work with protocol-oriented programming using real-world use cases. You will gain a solid knowledge of the various types that can be used in Swift and the differences between value and reference types. You will be taught how protocol-oriented programming techniques can be used to develop very flexible and easy-to-maintain code.
By the end of the book,you will have a thorough understanding of protocol-oriented programming and how to utilize it to build powerful and practical applications.

What you will learn
Understand the differences between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming
Explore the different types that Swift offers and what pitfalls to avoid
Delve into generics and generic programming
Learn how to implement Copy-On-Write within your custom types
Implement several design patterns in a protocol-oriented way
Design applications by prioritizing the protocol first and the implementation types second
Chapter 1. Starting with the Protocol
Chapter 2. Our Type Choices
Chapter 3. Extensions
Chapter 4. Generics
Chapter 5. Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 6. Protocol-Oriented Programming
Chapter 7. Adopting Design Patterns in Swift
Chapter 8. Case Studies

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