Statistical Methods Using R And Python For Data Scientists

Statistical Methods Using R And Python For Data Scientists
by Virgil Herrera
Publication Date 出版日期: 2022
Language 语言: English
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pages 页数: 355 pages

Book Description
Analytical techniques are a key part of data science, yet few information scientists have official statistical training. Programs and books on standard stats rarely cover the topic from a data scientific research point of view. The second edition of this preferred overview adds extensive instances in Python, gives practical support on applying analytical approaches to information scientific research, tells you just how to prevent their abuse, as well as offers you advice on what's important and also what's not.

Several information science resources incorporate analytical methods yet do not have a much deeper statistical viewpoint. If you're familiar with the R or Python programming languages and also have some direct exposure to statistics, this quick referral bridges the gap in an accessible, readable layout.
With this book, you'll find out:
Why exploratory data analysis is a key preliminary step in information scientific research
Exactly how random sampling can lower prejudice as well as yield a higher-quality dataset, despite having big information
How the principles of experimental style return definitive answers to questions
How to utilize regression to estimate results and spot abnormalities
Trick classification strategies for predicting which categories a document comes from
Analytical device finding out methods that "find out" from data
Unsupervised understanding techniques for removing meaning from unlabeled information

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