State Management with React Query: Improve developer and user experience by mastering server state in React

State Management with React Query: Improve developer and user experience by mastering server state in React
by Daniel Afonso (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing (May 12, 2023)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:228 pages
ISBN-10 书号:1803231343
ISBN-13 书号:9781803231341

Book Description
Beat common challenges in data fetching and data mutations while learning one of the most popular libraries for managing server state in React

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Key Features
Learn how state is split into server and client state and the common challenges with each
Understand how React Query addresses server state challenges by facilitating data fetching and mutations
Apply the knowledge gained to improve developer experience and build applications with improved UX

Book Description
State management, a crucial aspect of the React ecosystem, has gained significant attention in recent times. While React offers various libraries and tools to handle state, each with different approaches and perspectives, one thing is clear: state management solutions for handling client state are not optimized for dealing with server state. React Query was created to address this issue of managing your server state, and this guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use React Query for state management.

Starting with a brief history of state management in the React ecosystem, you'll find out what prompted the split from a global state to client and server state and thus understand the need for React Query. As you progress through the chapters, you'll see how React Query enables you to perform server state tasks such as fetching, caching, updating, and synchronizing your data with the server. But that's not all; once you've mastered React Query, you'll be able to apply this knowledge to handle server state with server-side rendering frameworks as well. You'll also work with patterns to test your code by leveraging the testing library and Mock Service Worker.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained a new perspective of state and be able to leverage React Query to overcome the obstacles associated with server state.

What you will learn
Get to grips with state and how it's typically managed
Install and configure React Query and its Devtools
Manage server state data fetching with the useQuery hook
Create, update, and delete data using the useMutation hook
Employ React Query in combination with frameworks such as Next.js and Remix
Explore MSW and the testing library to test React Query using components and hooks
Who this book is for
The book is for React developers who want to improve their state management skills and overcome the hurdles brought about by server state while improving their developer and user experience. Basic knowledge of web development and React will assist with understanding key concepts covered in this book. JavaScript developers will also find it useful.

Table of Contents
1.What Is State and How Do We Manage It?
2.Server State versus Client State
3.React Query-Introducing,Installing,and Configuring it
4.Fetching Data with React Query
5.More Data-Fetching Challenges
6.Performing Data Mutations with React Query
7.Server-Side Rendering with Next.js or Remix
8.Testing React Query Hooks and Components
9.What Changes in React Query v5?

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