SQL by Example

SQL by Example
Authors:John Russo
ISBN-10 书号:1945612622
ISBN-13 书号:9781945612626
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-11-21
pages 页数:128 pages

SQL by Example uses one case study to teach the reader basic structured query language (SQL) skills.
The author has tested the case study in the classroom with thousands of students. While other SQL texts tend to use examples from many different data sets, the author has found that once students get used to one case study, they learn the material at a much faster rate.
The text begins with an introduction to the case study and trains the reader to think like the query processing engine for a relational database management system. Once the reader has a grasp of the case study then SQL programming constructs are introduced with examples from the case study. In order to reinforce concepts, each chapter has several exercises with solutions provided on the book’s website.
SQL by Example is designed both for those who have never worked with SQL as well as those with some experience. It is modular in that each chapter can be approached individually or as part of a sequence, giving the reader flexibility in the way that they learn or refresh concepts. This also makes the book a great reference to refer back to once the reader is honing his or her SQL skills on the job.

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Chapter 1:The Shore to Shore Shipping Case Study
Chapter 2:Basic SQL Syntax
Chapter 3:Single Table Queries
Chapter 4:Introduction to Joins
Chapter 5:Advanced Join Operations
Chapter 6:Sub-queries
Chapter 7:Grouping Data
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