Software Project Management for Distributed Computing: Life-Cycle Methods for Developing Scalable and Reliable Tools

Software Project Management for Distributed Computing: Life-Cycle Methods for Developing Scalable and Reliable Tools (Computer Communications and Networks)
ISBN-10 书号: 3319543245
ISBN-13 书号: 9783319543246
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2017
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-04-04
pages 页数: (391 )


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This unique volume explores cutting-edge management approaches to developing complex software that is efficient, scalable, sustainable, and suitable for distributed environments. Practical insights are offered by an international selection of pre-eminent authorities, including case studies, best practices, and balanced corporate analyses. Emphasis is placed on the use of the latest software technologies and frameworks for life-cycle methods, including the design, implementation and testing stages of software development.
Topics and features:

Reviews approaches for reusability, cost and time estimation, and for functional size measurement of distributed software applications
Discusses the core characteristics of a large-scale defense system, and the design of software project management (SPM) as a service
Introduces the 3PR framework, research on crowdsourcing software development, and an innovative approach to modeling large-scale multi-agent software systems
Examines a system architecture for ambient assisted living, and an approach to cloud migration and management assessment
Describes a software error proneness mechanism, a novel Scrum process for use in the defense domain, and an ontology annotation for SPM in distributed environments
Investigates the benefits of agile project management for higher education institutions, and SPM that combines software and data engineering
This important text/reference is essential reading for project managers and software engineers involved in developing software for distributed computing environments. Students and researchers interested in SPM technologies and frameworks will also find the work to be an invaluable resource.
1. Characteristics and Estimation of Software Projects for Distributed Computing
1. Modeling of Reusability Estimation in Software Design with External Constraints
2. Estimation of Costs and Time for the Development of Distributed Software
3. Using COSMIC for the Functional Size Measurement of Distributed Applications in Cloud Environments
4. Characteristics of Large-Scale Defense Projects and the Dominance of Software and Software Project Management
5. Software Project Management as a Service(SPMaaS): Perspectives and Benefits
2. Approaches and Frameworks for Software Development and Software Project Management
6. Component-Based Hybrid Reference Architecture for Managing Adaptable Embedded Software Development
7.3PR Framework for Software Project Management: People, Process, Product, and Risk
8. CrowdSWD:A Novel Framework for Crowdsourcing Software Development Inspired by the Concept of Biological Metaphor
9. An Approach to Migrate and Manage Software: Cloud-Based Requirements Management
10.A Novel Approach to Modelling Distributed Systems: Using Large-Scale Multi-agent Systems
3. Advances in Software Project Management and Distributed Software Development
11. Optimizing Software Error Proneness Prediction Using Bird Mating Algorithm
12. Improved Agile:A Customized Scrum Process for Project Management in Defense and Security
13. Ontology Annotation for Software Engineering Project Management in Multisite Distributed Software Development Environments
14. Investigating the Scope for Agile Project Management to Be Adopted by Higher Education Institutions
15. Software Project Management for Combined Software and Data Engineering

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