Ready, Set, Code!: Coding Activities for Kids

Ready, Set, Code!: Coding Activities for Kids Paperback – August 11, 2020
By 作者:Heather Catchpole (Author), Nicola O’Brien (Author)
pages 页数: 120 pages
ISBN-10 : 1486312357
ISBN-13 : 9781486312351
Product Dimensions : 8.25 x 0.25 x 9.5 inches
Publisher Finelybook 出版社 : CSIRO Publishing (August 11, 2020)
Reading level : 8 - 12 years
Language 语言: : English
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Are you ready to learn about real technology and make it yourself?
Ready, Set, Code! explains how cutting-edge digital technology works and its surprising uses now and in the future. Filled with interesting examples, each chapter explores a different topic, such as artificial intelligence, sensors and data, and applies it with a fun, hands-on coding project. You will learn how to create your own chatbot, translate messages into different languages, construct a burglar alarm, make digital art and music, and launch a citizen science project. Plus, you’ll learn how to protect yourself online and much more.
Suitable for beginners, this book provides illustrated step-By 作者:-step instructions to teach kids to code with the highly acclaimed Scratch programming language, popular micro:bit mini computers and simple app building tools.

Simple and fun ways to get children creating with code
Real-world technologies explained
Engaging projects kids can do over and over again
Can be used By 作者:families and in classrooms
Compelling storytelling that encourages a creative mindset


Ready, Set, Code! Coding Activities for Kids 9781486312351.pdf

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