React Native Cookbook Bringing the Web to Native Platforms

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React Native Cookbook: Bringing the Web to Native Platforms

By 作者: Jonathan Lebensold

ISBN-10 书号: 1491993847

ISBN-13 书号: 9781491993842
Edition 版本: 1

Release 出版日期: 2018-03-05

pages 页数: (176)


Tackling an app development project on multiple platforms is usually an arduous task, but with React Native, you can build cross-platform mobile apps that look and behave just like native apps built with Swift or Java. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, the recipes in this cookbook will help you understand the React Native ecosystem, deal with design and hardware issues, take on the deployment process, and write maintainable code.

How do you organize a project? Or design an app that can access a device’s camera? Based on author Jonathan Lebensold’s personal journey through the app development process, the recipes in this cookbook will not only provide you with quick answers, they can also inspire you to come up with your own solutions.

Examine the software tools you’ll use to build a React Native app
Leverage components and JavaScript libraries in the React ecosystem
Design cross-platform apps that balance UX, platform conventions, and technical complexity
Get common use cases and advice for taking advantage of device hardware
Automate app publishing, share your iOS App with beta testers, and configure app settings
Learn strategies for ensuring your code is well factored, easily maintained, and correct

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