React and React Native:A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js,3rd Edition

React and React Native:A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js,3rd Edition
by:Adam Boduch and Roy Derks
pages 页数:526 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing; 3rd Revised edition edition (30 April 2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1839211148
ISBN-13 书号:9781839211140

Book Description
Get up to speed with React,React Native,GraphQL and Apollo for building cross-platform native apps with the help of practical examples
React and React Native,Facebook’s innovative User Interface (UI) libraries,are designed to help you build robust cross-platform web and mobile applications. This updated third edition is improved and updated to cover the latest version of React. The book particularly focuses on the latest developments in the React ecosystem,such as modern Hook implementations,code splitting using lazy components and Suspense,user interface framework components using Material-UI,and Apollo. In terms of React Native,the book has been updated to version 0.62 and demonstrates how to apply native UI components for your existing mobile apps using NativeBase.
You will begin by learning about the essential building blocks of React components. Next,you’ll progress to working with higher-level functionalities in application development,before putting this knowledge to use by developing user interface components for the web and for native platforms. In the concluding chapters,you’ll learn how to bring your application together with a robust data architecture.
By the end of this book,you’ll be able to build React applications for the web and React Native applications for multiple mobile platforms.
What you will learn

Delve into the React architecture,component properties,state,and context
Get to grips with React Hooks for handling functions and components
Implement code splitting in React using lazy components and Suspense
Build robust user interfaces for mobile and desktop apps using Material-UI
Write shared components for Android and iOS mobile apps using React Native
Simplify layout design for React Native apps using NativeBase
Write GraphQL schemas to power web and mobile apps
Implement web and mobile components that are driven by Apollo
Table of Contents
Section 1:React
Chapter 1:Why React?
Chapter 2:Rendering with JSX
Chapter 3:Component Properties,State,and Context
Chapter 4:Getting Started with Hooks
Chapter 5:Event Handling -The React Way
Chapter 6:Crafting Reusable Components
Chapter 7:The React Component Life Cycle
Chapter 8:Validating Component Properties
Chapter 9:Handling Navigation with Routes
Chapter 10:Code Splitting Using Lazy Components and Suspense
Chapter 11:Server-Side React Components
Chapter 12:User Interface Framework Components
Section 2:React Native
Chapter 13:Why React Native?
Chapter 14:Kick-Starting React Native Projects
Building Responsive Layouts with Chapter 15:Flexbox
Chapter 16:Navigating Between Screens
Chapter 17:Rendering Item Lists
Chapter 18:Showing Progress
Chapter 19:Geolocation and Maps
Chapter 20:Collecting User Input
Chapter 21:Displaying Modal Screens
Chapter 22:Responding to User Gestures
Chapter 23:Controlling Image Display
Chapter 24:Going Ofline
Section 3:React Architecture
Chapter 25:Native UI Components Using NativeBase
Chapter 26:Handling Application State
Chapter 27:Why Apollo?
Chapter 28:Building an Apollo React App
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