Raspberry Pi 2: Beginner’s Users Manual

Raspberry Pi 2: Beginner’s Users Manual
By 作者: Alex Benjamin
Pages 页数: 80 pages
Edition 版本: 2
Language 语言: English
Publication Date 出版日期: 2015-06-05
ISBN-10 书号:B00Z1QF62K

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Raspberry Pi 2
My name is Alex Benjamin and I am here to introduce Raspberry Pi 2 to you.
The Raspberry Pi 2 is truly a marvel of technology. The capabilities of mini computer Raspberry Pi 2 is unlimited.
You have just purchased an unusual book about the Raspberry Pi 2: a book that will get you up and running with your RP2 right out of the box. Here is some of the information you will find here:
What is the Raspberry Pi 2? What makes it special?
I know nothing about programming. Can you get me started?
What operating system should I install if I am a beginner?
How do I access the software?
How do I connect to the internet?
What are some examples of unusual projects that people have been able to do with the Raspberry Pi?
I have a Raspberry Pi, but what else do I need? Do I need a monitor and keyboard? What about WiFi? Does it have enough power? Can I plug four USB devices in it and it still work properly?
I want to build my own circuits. What should I get? Are kits good investments for beginners?
What is GPIO and what does it mean to me as a Raspberry Pi enthusiast?
What are these languages I see – Python? Mathematica? Sonic Pi?
Is it true that I can use the Raspberry Pi 2 as a home audio controller or a media center?
What’s this I hear about Minecraft on the RP2?
How can I use Mathematica or Python to control the GPIO?
How can I set up my RP2 to work with apps on my smartphone?
How do I watch videos on my RP2?
I don’t know where my file went! How is the RP2 file system structured?
What are some really good online resources as I continue my journey?
The answers to all these questions are here! Ready to go?


Chapter 1: The Raspberry Pi 2
Chapter 2: Getting Everything Together
Chapter 3: The Basics
Chapter 4: GPIO
Chapter 5: Lightning Fast Introduction to Programming
Chapter 6: Python 3
Chapter 7: Mathematica
Chapter 8: Sonic Pi
Chapter 9: Minecraft
Chapter 10: Playing Videos on RP2
Chapter 11: Media Center
Chapter 12: Home Audio Controller
Chapter 13: RP2 File System
Chapter 14: Linux Command Line
Chapter 15: Raspi-Config and the Config File
Chapter 16: Connecting through Smart Devices
Chapter 17: Using a USB Webcam
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