Python Programming in Context, 3rd Edition

Python Programming in Context
By 作者: Bradley N. Miller - David L. Ranum - Julie Anderson
ISBN-10 书号: 1284175553
ISBN-13 书号: 9781284175554
Edition 版本: 3
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-10-15
pages 页数: (498 )
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Python Programming in Context, Third Edition provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to Python fundamentals. Updated with Python 3.8, the new Third Edition offers a thorough overview of multiple applied areas, including image processing, cryptography, astronomy, the Internet, and bioinformatics. Taking an active learning approach, each chapter starts with a comprehensive real-world project that teaches core design techniques and Python programming to immediately engage students. An ideal first language for learners entering the rapidly expanding fields of computer science, data science, and scientific programing, Python gives students a solid platform of key problem-solving skills that translate easily across programming languages.
The Third Edition’s emphasis on problem-solving, extrapolation, and the development of independent exploration and solution-building provides students with a unique and innovative approach to learning programming. While students solve problems of general interest, language elements are introduced with deliberate and incremental exposure to the fundamentals. Python Programming in Context, Third Edition is the ideal introductory text for those learning the Python language.


1lntroduction to Pythona
2rtthon:Estimating Pi
3 Codes and Other Secrets
4Introducing the Python Collections
5Bigger Data:File l/O
6lmage Processing
7 Data Mining:Cluster Analysis
8 Cryptanalysis
9 Fractals:The Geometry of Nature
10 Planet Objects
11 Simulation
12 Father Was a Rectangle
13 Video Games
APPENDIX A Installing the Required Software
APPENDIX B Python Quick Reference
APPENDIX C turtle Reference
APPENDIX D Answers to Selected "Try It Out"Exercises


Python Programming in Context, 3rd Edition

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