Python Programming for Beginners: 8 in 1

Python Programming for Beginners: 8 in 1: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Business Projects Immediately
November 2, 2022
by Chad Knowles (Author)
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0BLB54K5W
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Independently published (November 2, 2022)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:213 pages
ISBN-13 书号:9798361840960

Book Description
Do you want to learn Python Machine Learning and start implementing models? Are you looking to learn Data Science and how to leverage Python for it?

In this book, you can learn all about Python machine learning, data science, data analysis, and programming. Once you get the hang of the basics, this crash course will help you use all this knowledge for practical tasks and start programming in seven days!

This is a complete Python guide with 8 sections.

An excellent opportunity for you: simplicity, a wide selection of topics to learn, practical exercises, and quick and selected examples.

Here's what you'll learn from this book:

Understanding Python

Python Data Types

Variables and constants in Python

How to install Python

Designing and using Functions

A modular approach to program organization

Using methods

Reading and writing files in Python

How to conduct a data analysis

The different Python libraries that you are able to use for deep learning

The basics of working with the TensorFlow library that can help you with your deep learning project

How to handle the Keras library for your needs

The PyTorch library and how this library is going to be able to help us out with machine learning and deep learning

Looking more at machine learning and how we are able to fit this into some of the data analysis that we are talking about

How deep learning is going to be helpful when it is time to handle your own predictive analysis

And much more...

This book is for people who dream of becoming expert programmers without spending months learning the basics. If you set aside sometime every day to read this book and practice, then you’ll be able to start developing your programs and apps in no time.

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