Python 101: Basics for Beginners: A practical Introduction to Python 3

Python 101: Basics for Beginners: A practical Introduction to Python 3 (Python for Beginners)
by Jérémy BRANDT
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Independently published (March 29, 2022)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 513 pages
ISBN-13 书号: 9798440282926

Book Description
Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3 for Beginners
Complete Python Curriculum — With Exercises, Interactive Quizzes and Sample Projects.

Hello and welcome to Python 101: Python Basics for Beginners. Are you ready to learn Why so many professional and hobbyist developers are drawn to Python - and How you can begin using it on your own projects, too?!

This book is targeted at beginners who either know a little programming but not the Python language and its ecosystem, as well as complete beginners. If you don’t have a Computer Science degree, don’t worry. I will guide you through the important computing concepts while teaching you the Python basics.

What should you learn about Python in the beginning to get a strong foundation?

With Python 101, you will NOT only cover the core concepts you really need to know, but you will also learn them in the most efficient order - with the help of a few quizzes, practical exercises and projects. You will know enough to be comfortable with Python, pretty fast!

Who Should Read This Book?

If you are new to Python, you’ll get a practical, step-by-step roadmap on developing your foundational skills. You’ll be introduced to each concept and language feature in a logical order. Every step in this curriculum is explained and illustrated with short and clear code samples. My goal with this book is to educate you, not to impress or intimidate.

If you are familiar with some basic programming concepts, you will get a clear and well-tested introduction to Python. This is a practical introduction to Python that jumps right into real-world examples If you have any prior experience with languages like VBA, PowerShell, R, Perl, C, C++, C#, Java or Swift, the numerous exercises within each chapter will fast-track your progress.

If you’re a seasoned developer, you’ll get a Python 3 crash course that brings you up to speed with modern Python programming. Mix and match the chapters that interest you the most and use the interactive quizzes and review exercises to check your learning progress as you go along.

If you’re a self-starter completely new to coding, you’ll get practical and motivating examples. You’ll begin by installing Python and setting up a coding environment on your computer from scratch, and then continue from there. We’ll get you coding right away so that you become competent and knowledgeable enough to solve real-world problems, fast. Develop a passion for programming by solving interesting problems with Python every day!

If you’re looking to break into a coding or data-science career, you’ll pick up the practical foundations with this book. We won’t just dump a boat load of theoretical information on you so you can “sink or swim” — instead, you’ll learn from hands-on, practical examples one step at a time. Each concept is broken down for you so you’ll always know what you can do with it in practical terms.

If you’re interested in teaching others “how to Python", this will be your guidebook. If you’re looking to stoke the coding flame in your coworkers, kids, or relatives — use our material to teach them. All the sequencing has been done for you so you’ll always know what to cover next and how to explain it.

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