Programming Interviews For Dummies


Programming Interviews For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
By 作者: Butow
ISBN-10 书号: 1119565022
ISBN-13 书号: 9781119565024
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-10-15
pages 页数: (272 )

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Get ready for interview success
Programming jobs are on the rise, and the field is predicted to keep growing, fast. Landing one of these lucrative and rewarding jobs requires more than just being a good programmer. Programming Interviews For Dummies explains the skills and knowledge you need to ace the programming interview.
Interviews for software development jobs and other programming positions are unique. Not only must candidates demonstrate technical savvy, they must also show that they’re equipped to be a productive member of programming teams and ready to start solving problems from day one. This book demystifies both sides of the process, offering tips and techniques to help candidates and interviewers alike.

Prepare for the most common interview questions
Understand what employers are looking for
Develop the skills to impress non-technical interviewers
Learn how to assess candidates for programming roles
Prove that you (or your new hires) can be productive from day one
Programming Interviews For Dummies gives readers a clear view of both sides of the process, so prospective coders and interviewers alike will learn to ace the interview.

Part 1:Finding and Hooking Your Next Employer
Chapter 1:What Should You Expect?
DChapter 2:Knowing How the Company Is Preparing
Chapter 3:Understanding the Investment a Company Makes
Part 2:Preparing for Your Interview
Chapter 4:Searching High and Low for Companies
Chapter 5:Shining Up Your Resume and Social Media Accounts
Chapter 6:How Your Experience Affects Your Interview
Chapter 7:Getting Ready for the First Ring
Part 3:Everyone’s Testing Time
Chapter 8:Testing Strategies for the Interviewee
Chapter 9:Working with Data Structures:Garbage In Means Garbage Out
Chapter 10:ldentifying Design Patterns and Using Recursion
Chapter 11:Sorting with Sorting Algorithms
PChapter 12:Solving Puzzles Is Fun
Part 4:Sealing the Deal
Chapter 13:Closing the Deal
Chapter 14:Honing Your Negotiating Skills
Part 5:The Part of Tens
Chapter 15:Ten Ways to Stand Out
Chapter 16:Ten Non-Technical Questions You May Be Asked
Chapter 17:Ten Reasons Your Resume Will End up in the Round File
PChapter 18:Ten Useful Websites to Check Out
Chapter 19:Ten Great Books to Read


Programming Interviews For Dummies

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