Production Ready GraphQL:Building well designed,performant,and secure GraphQL APIs at scale

Production Ready GraphQLProduction Ready GraphQL:Building well designed,performant,and secure GraphQL APIs at scale
by:Marc-Andre Giroux
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2020

pages 页数:186
Language 语言:English
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Book Description
GraphQL Beyond the Hype
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
There is a lot of content out there on building client side applications using GraphQL. GraphQL can offer an amazing client side experience,but for that to be true,we must be able to build high quality GraphQL platforms that will support these clients.

The simplicity with which clients can consume use cases using GraphQL is often balanced by:additional complexity on the server. Learn how to manage this complexity and make sure you keep providing a quality GraphQL API as your team or organization scales.

Language Agnostic
Every language and every GraphQL implementation does things slightly differently. This book is completely language agnostic and instead focuses on concepts and patterns that are achievable no matter how you’re building a GraphQL server.

Think of it as a complete journey of what goes into building a GraphQL API,from design,to architectures,to implementation,and even documentation.

Is it for me?
I decided to write this book after seeing how much interest there was in pushing GraphQL implementations to the next level. The book starts with an introduction to GraphQL,its history,and basic concepts. It then quickly ramps up to more intermediate and advanced concepts that will allow you to deeply understand the tradeoffs involved in building GraphQL APIs.

You’ll get the most out of the book if you’ve dabbled with GraphQL already and are ready to learn to take it to the next level and learn about what is coming as you implement it in your organizations.

What’s in The Book

GraphQL Schema Design
GraphQL’s type system is amazing and we all love it. That doesn’t mean it’s any easier to design an API which clients will love to use and that will stand the test of time. Learn hard-earned practices around structuring a schema to answer client use cases.

Performance and Security
Performance is often highlighted as a benefit of GraphQL APIs,but we have to know how to monitor them and how to handle the dynamic nature of GraphQL before we can see these benefits. The book dives deep into monitoring GraphQL execution,techniques to improve performance,and best practices for securing APIs against bad actors.

Tooling & Workflows
GraphQL can offer an absolutely amazing developer experience when done right. Learn about API workflows that work well with GraphQL and must-have tools that will allow you to evolve your API without pain.

Discover common GraphQL design patterns and when they can be useful. Learn GraphQL as an API Gateway,“schema stitching”,distributed GraphQL and a lot more.


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