Physical Security Assessment Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Securing a Business, 2nd Edition

Physical Security Assessment Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Securing a Business
by 作者: Michael Khairallah (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: CRC Press
Edition 版本: 2nd
Publication Date 出版日期: 2024-07-24
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: : 330 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1032790806
ISBN-13 书号: 9781032790800

Book Description

Physical Security Assessment Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Securing a Business, Second Edition has been fully updated to help you identify threats to your organization and be able to mitigate such threats. The techniques in this comprehensive book outline a step-by-step approach to:

    • Identify threats to your assets
    • Assess physical security vulnerabilities
    • Design systems and processes that mitigate the threats
    • Set a budget for your project and present it to company managers
    • Acquire the products through competitive bidding
    • Implement the recommended solutions

    Each chapter walks you through a step in the assessment process, providing valuable insight and guidance. There are illustrations and checklists that help simplify the process and ensure that the right course is taken to secure your company. This book provides seasoned advice on the competitive bidding process as well as legal issues involved in facility security. After reading it, you will know how to assess your security needs, specify the right products, and oversee and manage the project and installation. It concludes with project implementation, and the necessary follow-up after installation, to verify the proper use of the new security solutions.

    Physical Security Assessment Handbook, Second Edition provides a structure for best practices in both specifying system components as well as managing the acquisition and implementation process. It represents the culmination of the author’s 44 years of experience in the design, installation, and project management of security system solutions. This is a valuable resource for security managers, security consultants, and even experienced industry professionals to best approach and organize security assessment projects.

    About the Author

    Michael Khairallah is a native of New Orleans and has served in the United States Navy as an Electronic Countermeasures Specialist. He was educated at the Louisiana State University at New Orleans where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business. He entered the security industry in 1980 as a Manufacturer’s Sales Representative and then founded Card Access Systems in 1981 where he served as the president and CEO for 17 years.

    In 1998 he sold the company and became an Independent Physical Security Systems Consultant, forming a firm called Security Design Solutions LLC which manages all the elements of risk assessment and mitigation for clients.

    Michael has been a member of ASIS International since 1980 and helped write the Professional Service Exam, Physical Security Professional (PSP). He is now a qualified “Lifetime” member of ASIS International based on his service to the security community. He is also a member of the International Association of Professional Security Consultants since September 2003 and a member of the National InfraGard Program since July 2004.

    In his security career Khairallah has sat in every chair at the table. He has been the seller, the buyer, and the consultant at different times in his work. He is a Board- Certified PSP and the author of the original work, Physical Security Systems Handbook. He is also a court- approved expert witness.

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