PHP 8 for Absolute Beginners: Basic Website and Web Application Development, 3rd Edition

PHP 8 for Absolute Beginners: Basic Website and Web Application Development 3rd ed. Edition
by Jason Lengstorf,Thomas Blom Hansen,Steve Prettyman (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:‎Apress; 3rd ed. edition (September 29, 2022)
Language 语言:‎English
pages 页数:‎449 pages
ISBN-10 书号:‎1484282043
ISBN-13 书号:‎9781484282045

Book Description
Embark on a practical journey of building dynamic sites aided by multiple projects that can be easily adapted to real-world scenarios. This third edition will show you how to become a confident PHP developer, ready to take the next steps to being a Full Stack Developer and/or successful website or web application programmer.

You won't be swamped with every detail of the full PHP language up front – instead, you’ll be introduced to a small, versatile subset of PHP by learning to use it creatively to develop dynamic projects. You will see how to use variables, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming. Secure programming techniques are used throughout the book to demonstrate the proper way to defend against hackers. You will learn how to plan and create MySQL/MariaDB databases and access them using PHP. During this process, you will be introduced to data objects, UI design concepts, and design patterns. Model-View-Controller (MVC) methodology will be used to keep a consistent logical design for each project.

Four main projects will be introduced: an image gallery, a blogging system, a data management dashboard, and an interactive game. Initially, a general discussion of how operating systems make programming easier, more reliable, and efficient will be provided. A brief example will follow to demonstrate installation of the latest versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL/MariaDB. Basic PHP logic will be used during the development of the first project, an image gallery. Once these concepts have been absorbed, a further review of additional concepts of PHP 8 will be discussed, followed by an extensive blogging system will use MVC to reinforce and introduce additional PHP techniques. You’ll also discover the use of google Charts to create a data management dashboard. Finally, you’ll explore arrays in more depth by developing logic for a checkers game. Along the way, exercises and projects are provided to reinforce what has been learned.

What You'll Learn

Explore the basics of PHP syntax, structures, functions, modules and more
Design and develop of interactive UIs
Build dynamic UIs using SQL to access MySQL/MariaDB Databases
Understand the development of secure and efficient Object-Oriented classes and objects
Apply the knowledge learned when creating four real-world PHP projects
Who This Book Is For

Aspiring web developers and designers who are new to web development and/or PHP; programmers who are new to PHP and even programming itself.

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