Parallel Programming for Multicore and Cluster Systems

Parallel Programming for Multicore and Cluster Systems Springer 第1张
Parallel Programming: for Multicore and Cluster Systems
By 作者: Thomas Rauber - Gudula Rünger
ISBN-10 书号: 3642378005
ISBN-13 书号: 9783642378003
Edition 版本: 2nd ed. 2013
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2013-06-08
Pages 页数: 516

From the book reviews:
“The book presents the current status of parallel programming. Well-organized and well-written, the textbook can be needed worldwide by computer science students that are enrolled in learning parallel programming. … Each chapter presents in an accessible manner the complex theory behind parallel computing. The numerous figures and code fragments are very helpful. Moreover, each chapter ends with several exercises.” (Dana Petcu, zbMATH, Vol. 1295, 2014)
“The authors provide an excellent introduction to the techniques needed to create and understand parallel programming. … I recommend this book as a text for a course in parallel programming or for use by programmers learning about parallel programming. It provides a useful mix of theory and practice, with excellent introductions to pthreads and MPI, among others.” (Charles Morgan, Computing Reviews, January, 2014)
Thomas Rauber has been professor for parallel and distributed systems at the University of Bayreuth since 2002. His research is focusing on algorithms and systems for distributed and parallel programming, on which he published more than 80 papers in journals or conference proceedings.
Gudula Rünger has been professor at the Chemnitz University of Technology since 2000. Her main research interests are parallel and distributed programming both in theory and applications, and she published more than 80 conference and journal papers on these topics.


1 Introduction
2 Parallel Computer Architecture
3 Parallel Programming Models
4 Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs
5 Message-Passing Programming
6Thread Programming
7 General Purpose GPU Programming
8 Algorithms for Systems of Linear Equations

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