Pandas : basic to advance: data science , machine learning, EDA

Pandas : basic to advance: data science , machine learning, EDA
by Karan Singh Bisht (Author)
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09W3B8MHM
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Independently published (March 21, 2022)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:421 pages
ISBN-13 书号:9798436830377

Book Description
Learn how to use pandas, a flexible and fast Python toolkit for data manipulation, analysis, and discovery.
About This Book* Get comfortable using pandas and Python as a data exploration and analysis tool
* Explore pandas through a data analysis framework, with an explanation of how pandas is well suited for the various stages in the data analysis process
* A comprehensive guide to pandas, with many clear and practical examples to help you get up and running with pandas This book is great for data scientists, data analysts, Python programmers who want to dive into data analysis with pandas, and anybody with an interest in data analysis.
Some knowledge of statistics and programming will be helpful to get the most out of this book but not strictly required. Prior exposure to pandas is also not required.What You Will Learn
* Understand how data analysts and scientists think about of the processes of gathering and understanding data
* Learn how pandas can be used to support the end-to-end process of data analysis
* Use pandas Series and DataFrame objects to represent single and multivariate data
* Slicing and dicing data with pandas, as well as combining, grouping, and aggregating data from multiple sources
* How to access data from external sources such as files, databases, and web services
* Represent and manipulate time-series data and the many of the intricacies involved with this type of data* How to visualize statistical information
* How to use pandas to solve several common data representation and analysis problems within financeIn DetailYou will learn how to use pandas to perform data analysis in Python. You will start with an overview of data analysis and iteratively progress from modeling data, to accessing data from remote sources, performing numeric and statistical analysis, through indexing and performing aggregate analysis, and finally to visualizing statistical data and applying pandas to finance.With the knowledge you gain from this book, you will quickly learn pandas and how it can empower you in the exciting world of data manipulation, analysis and science.Style and approach
* Step-by-step instruction on using pandas within an end-to-end framework of performing data analysis
* Practical demonstration of using Python and pandas using interactive and incremental examples

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